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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/25/09 - 5/29/09

Since Brady is always running to Bo about what Victor and Philip are doing, why was he surprised that they didn't want to tell him about what they were doing?  They are committing crimes so the last thing they want is for Brady to go to Bo for help.

It was obvious that Owen was trying to look like the good one by not giving Stephanie back to EJ.  It's not working because he still kidnapped her so we are not buying his change of behavior.

Stephanie's kidnapping would have been the perfect time to write Steve and Kayla back in the show.  There is no way that they wouldn't want to be there for her.  Steve would have been the one to help find his daughter.

if Philip had listened to Victor and not have been so quick to trade Stefano for Stephanie, maybe EJ wouldn't have had the upper hand in their feud. Philip is obviously not the opponent that Victor is.

That was good how the writers had Kate go off to Europe to be with Billie.  There was no way that Kate wouldn't have gone to Europe to be with Billie while she was hurt.  Kate may be many things, but she does care about her kids.

Why was Melanie driving it home that she had Stephanie's earring?  Melanie was acting as if Owen left the directions of their whereabouts on the back o the earring.  Everyone knows that she's missing so the earring was not that important.

Is anyone else getting sick of Daniel's good guy act?  Are we supposed to forget that he had no problem sleeping with Chloe while she was engaged to Lucas?  Now that she's married, he suddenly has to stay away from her.  Give us a break!

Why would Philip be willing to believe that Melanie had something to do with Stephanie's kidnapping, but not Owen? Melanie wouldn't have told him about the kidnapping if she had anything to do with it.  Stephanie is missing and they haven't seen Owen around so it shouldn't have been hard for Philip to believe that Owen could have taken her.

Brady has an idea of what Philip went through now that Victor has cut him off.  Brady went one step too far trying to play the do gooder.  Now Victor doesn't want him to be part of the family anymore.

It could be just us, but Brady seems more worried about Stephanie than Philip.  Brady is acting like Stephanie is his fiancÚ and not Philip's.

Was it written in Owen's contract that he has to tell Stephanie that she is wonderful?  Every time he is shown he has to remind her that she is great.

Wasn't it weird to see Abe on the show again?  He has been gone for so long that it was weird to see him back again.

Maybe Maggie should stop being so smug to Chloe about her affair with Daniel.  Chloe might tell Lucas that she knew about the affair and didn't say anything.

Wasn't Maggie being a hypocrite with Chloe in Friday's episode?  She judged Chloe for cheating on Lucas as if she didn't do the same thing to Mickey.

Why would Philip take the risk and talk while he was in the morgue?  Philip didn't know that Owen wasn't standing outside of the drawer waiting to kill him.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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