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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/18/09 - 5/22/09

It could just be us, but Arianna's feelings about Rafe's relationship with Sami seems incestuous. Why would Arianna care so much about Rafe's sex life?  She was acting as if she was a jealous girlfriend and not his sister.

Wasn't that convenient how Daniel happened to show up a the Kiriakis mansion right when Philip passed out?  It's as if he had psychic abilities and knew to show up there.

We noticed that EJ was roughing Sami up a bit when they were fighting over his phone.  That is not a good way to prove to us that Ejami are the couple we are supposed to support.

Why would Brady want and expect Mia to keep the truth about the baby a secret?  Nicole has barely spoken to him since she married EJ so why is he still willing to help her?

We have a feeling that Sami only wanted to be with Rafe because of her conversation with EJ.  It's as if she has to prove to herself that she wants Rafe.  It's not that hard to want to be with Rafe.  We would love to take her place.

Were Rafe and Sami so desperate to go at it that they couldn't go to her bedroom first?  Will could have walked in on them any time.

How as Stephanie able to breathe in the morgue drawer for as long as she did?  It's not likely that there was air in the drawer allowing her to breathe.

Has it really been that long since Brady was given a compliment?  He was really driving it home that Arianna gave him a compliment.

We really enjoyed watching Philip rip Brady a new one.  Brady is always acting as if he is so sanctimonious so he needed a fall from grace.

How many times is Sami going to tell a man that she's never felt this way before when she's with one?  It loses something because she has said that over and over again.

It was a slap in the face of Phloe fans that EJ said that Stephanie was the love of Philip's life.  Are we supposed to forget that he was in love with Chloe too?

Why did Philip want Victor to kidnap Theo to get to EJ?  It would make more sense to kidnap Johnny or Sydney to get to him.  EJ would care more if something happened to them than to Theo.

Stephanie obviously doesn't want to get away from Owen since she refused to run away when she had the chance to get away from him.  She stood there and tried to use the phone and that's when Owen was able to grab her again.

What type of woman is Nicole?  She was okay with EJ hauling Stephanie kidnapped.  You would think that Nicole would have had a problem with that.

How many times do we have to hear that Stephanie is beautiful?  Are the writers expecting all of us to care that Stephanie is so "beautiful"?  What do her looks have to do with her being kidnapped?

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Page updated 6/12/12

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