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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/11/09 - 5/15/09

Why was Daniel making excuses for why Chloe had an affair with him?  He could blame Lucas all he wants, but that didn't change the fact that she cheated on Lucas.  It must be easier for Daniel to live with what he did if he blames Lucas.

If Kate didn't plan on telling Lucas the truth about Chloe's affair, why does she keep insulting her?  She knows Lucas is going to wonder why she keeps bad mouthing Chloe so she may as well stop insulting her if she's going to keep the secret.

We are so sick of Chloe acting as if she really cares about Lucas.  She was going on and on about her so-called love for Lucas, but she forgot something.  She forgot about her affair.  If she loved Lucas so much, what was she doing sleeping with Daniel?

EJ and Stefano brought it all on themselves that Victor was able to get the upper hand on them.  If they let what happened to Tony drop, Victor wouldn't have had to retaliate against them.

How sick was Nicole to blame a baby for the mess she's in?  She eventually blamed herself, but her first instinct was to blame Sydney for complicating things.  She took too long to accept blame for what she's done.

We were ready to choke on our drinks when Nicole told EJ that she wasn't with him for the money.  Who was she trying to convince with that?  We all know that she is a golddigger who cares about the DiMera fortune.

What made Stephanie think that Caroline would approve of her marrying Philip?  If Steve and Kayla didn't approve, Caroline wasn't going to either.

It shouldn't have been so easy for Rafe to find out where Dr. Baker was staying if it was hospital policy to keep in private.  Rafe could have been anybody looking for Dr. Baker, yet the nurse gave him the information so easily.  Maybe the powers-that-be at the hospital need to go over the rules of protocol with the staff.

Sami took a big risk turning her back on Grace in order to get Grace's milk warmed up.  Anybody could have taken her in the time that Sami took to get the milk.

Nicole had some nerve telling Sami about the way she was acting when she was with Grace.  Any time Sami was with Sydney, Nicole had a fit.  When Sami gave Nicole a taste of her own medicine, Nicole was quick to remind her about their so-called truce.

Philip didn't drink that much of Stephanie's drugged drink to act the way he did.  He practically had a sip, but he was acting as if he had the whole thing.

Since when were Stephanie and Melanie friends?  The last we checked, they didn't like each other.  Now they are suddenly friends.  The next thing you know, they'll be best friends.

Will was the one who practically ripped Mia a new one when she lied about going to rehab, but he treated her as if she was the one who was avoiding him.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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