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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/27/09 - 5/1/09

Why would Victor warn Nicole about the DiMeras being dangerous?  After what she tried to do to him, he shouldn't care what was done to her.  In fact, we're surprised that he didn't go after her first.  Maybe he spared her because of what she did for Philip.

Why was Lexie able to help Stefano at the hospital?  Well, she helped him before she realized she couldn't be objective when he brought up the Kiriakis feud.  Before Tony died, she couldn't operate on him because she was too personally involved, yet she was able to help Stefano.

What happened to the guard that was supposed to follow Nicole?  She was able to come and go without the guard being with her.

It was good that the guard outside of Philip's hospital door checked Stephanie out before letting her see Philip.  If more guards did that, people wouldn't be able to sneak in other people's rooms.

Why didn't Stefano find out he had Type II Diabetes when he was in the hospital before?  It's hard to believe that the doctors didn't run tests on him before when he was in the hospital.  He didn't just develop diabetes overnight.

Why would Max apply to a school that would take him away from Chelsea?  There should be medical schools in Salem that he could have applied to.  He should have known Princess Chelsea would have been worried about him not being around her 24/7.

Stefano was acting as if he was dying already when he put EJ in charge.  He could still live with diabetes.  Our family has diabetes and they are around.

When is Sami ever going to be with all of her kids at once?  More times than not she's with Grace, but she's rarely with Will, Johnny, and Allie.

Why didn't Sami look though the peephole.  When she and Rafe were trying to make love?  If she looked through the peephole, she wouldn't have had to open the door.

How hard did Brady get hit in the head since he forgot that he's a DiMera?  He was cursing the DiMeras when he spoke to Chloe at the hospital.  She told him how Nicole is a DiMera now, which was the perfect chance for him to remind the audience that he is a DiMera now too.

Sami always worries about Grace being a part of the DiMera family, but she isn't worried about Johnny.  If anything, Johnny's the one she should worry about since he's a male DiMera.

Nicole is something else. She expects EJ to be completely honest with her about what he and Stefano are doing yet she can keep him in the dark about Sydney.  We don't see her rushing to tell him about her secrets.

Why didn't anyone call Kate first and tell her about Billie?  Billie is Kate's daughter and she had a right to know about her accident.

Kate was acting as if she wasn't too upset about Billie being in an accident. She was crying and making pledges to God when Philip was hurt, but she was too calm when it was Billie.

Lucas yelled at Will when he was getting smart with Sami.  We liked seeing Lucas stand up for Sami.  Will needs to learn to stay in a child's place.

Kate finally told Daniel about his affair with Chloe.  We didn't think she would ever say anything about the affair.  We also like how the reveal happened in a cliffhanger way.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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