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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/20/09 - 4/24/09

Why was Sami only worried about Grace being sick when she thought that EJ and Nicole were married? She didn't care about her being sick when she thought she could stop the wedding.

Why did Mia have to stop the wedding if she wasn't going to expose Nicole's secret?  She could have waited until the wedding was over before she said something.  It was a complete waste to stop the wedding just to say how she wanted Nicole to be happy.

Why do the writers remember that Max is a Brady when it's convenient?  Max reminded Sami that Caroline adopted him and Frankie, but he still dates Chelsea.

If Mia thought that she could raise Sydney better than Nicole, why didn't she expose Nicole's secret?  She could have told everyone that Nicole had her baby.  It didn't do any good to tell Dr. Baker about it.

Why did Nicole want to go through with the ceremony when Sami stopped it, but she wasn't ready to go through it when Mia stopped it?

Leave it to Stephanie to make Philip getting shot her moment.  She was reacting as if it affected her more than anybody.  Brady is Philip's nephew and he didn't react the way she did.

We couldn't believe that the writers actually remembered that Philip has a sister named Cassie.  Sami pretended to be Cassie when she wanted to get information on Philip's shooting.  We were surprised that she didn't say she was Billie.

Why does EJ care if Sami still loved him or not?  He just married Nicole so why did it matter to him one way or the other if she loved him?

When Kate confronted Stefano about having Philip shot, she was only worried about what was done to her.  She didn't care about what the shooting did to Philip.

The writers managed to forget about Rex and Cassie again after they finally remembered Cassie.  When Kate yelled at Stefano for having Philip shot, she said Philip is her baby.  Philip is not her youngest child.  Rex and Cassie are her youngest children.

Why did Kate make the vow to be a good person now that Philip is fighting for his life?  Why didn't she make this pledge when Lucas was fighting for his life?  Don't tell us Kate plays favorites with her children?

Why did Lucas have to comfort Chloe at the hospital?  Philip is Lucas' brother so she should have been comforting him.

It was hard to believe that with all of the servants in the DiMera mansion, none of them saw Stefano lying on the floor.  He managed to lay there all night without anybody finding him.

What message are the writers trying to say about mothers feeling a connection to their biological babies?  When Mia held Sydney, she didn't feel a connection to her.  She conveniently felt the connection to Grace.  If this is true, why hasn't Sami noticed a connection to Sydney?  Also, she has no problem bonding with Grace and she's not her daughter.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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