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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/6/09 - 4/10/09

Are we supposed to forget about what happened between Tony and EJ now that Tony is dead?  EJ wasn't close to Tony when Tony was alive, but now we're supposed to buy that Tony's death affects him so much.

Nicole got what she deserved when Dr. Baker reminded her about what he has on her.  She's always yelling at him and expecting him to keep her secret.  Now she's backed herself into a corner and can't get out of it.

How was Johnny starting to talk like EJ when he's around Mary more than EJ?  He should be talking more like Mary.

How would Will know how to change a diaper when he was an only child for a while?  HE was telling Mia about how easy it was to change a diaper as if he's an expert.

How did EJ "remember" when Sami was accused of murder when he wasn't in Salem when it happened?  He might not have been born when she was accused of murder.

Who did Nicole think she was forcing Mia to abide by her rules when it concerns Sydney?  If Mia did the unthinkable and saw Sydney, Nicole expects her to leave Salem.  Nicole was talking a lot of garbage considering Mia could take the baby.  What's to stop Mia from taking it and exposing her?

Why is Chelsea treating Philip as if he were her enemy?  He is her uncle the same way as Max, yet she's treating him as if he's a monster.

Why would Maggie want Chloe to be happy?  After what she did to Lucas, it shouldn't matter to her one way or the other if she's happy.

Chloe would be really naive to think that Kate wouldn't be on to her and Daniel's affair. Kate suddenly wanting to help her should be a clue that she's on her affair.

When did Rafe get a key to Sami's place?  We didn't realize that they were close enough for her to give him a key to her place.

Philip needs to give up on Stephanie.  Every time you turn around, she's always dumping him.  He needs to be the one to dump her.  If she was going to dump him for wanting to work with his father, then she's not worth staying with after all.

When are the DiMeras going to have a funeral for Tony? We were surprised that they didn't have a funeral sooner.

Why would Lucas call Chloe a "soon-to-be" celebrity when she used to be an opera singer?  We were under the impression that she was already a celebrity.

Maggie is a lightswitch.  She was ready to rip Daniel a new one when she thought he wasn't staying away from Chloe, yet she was practically planning his social calendar.

We are not buying EJ's sudden anger because of Tony's death.  EJ could care less about Tony so he has no reason to flip out on people.

Chelsea is a hypocrite. She had a fit when she walked in on Stephanie and Philip making out on the couch.  She told them that they could have been in Stephanie's room, yet she and Max did the same thing.  Guess it's okay for Chelsea and Max to be together on the couch, but Stephanie has to be in her room when she's with Philip.

Why is it so important for Sami to know what Caroline went through when she lied about Bo's father? She didn't care when she kept the truth from Will, but now that Grace is here, it's suddenly important.

Did we miss something with Nicole and Brady?  When he told her to tell EJ the truth, she said she couldn't take his advice "this time".  When did she ever take his advice?  She has never done what he advised her to do. She might not be in the mess she's in if she did take his advice.

Page updated 6/12/12

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