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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/30/09 - 4/3/09

Sami told Rafe that Grace has brothers and a sister. Did she forget that Grace has two sisters?  As far as Sami knows, Sydney is Grace's sister too.

Why was Hope able to work on Philip's case if Bo was too close?  Roman would have been a better pick since he's not related to Philip.

Why is it a problem for Lexie to work on Tony?  She's worked on her friends and family before, but now it's suddenly a problem for her to perform the surgery.

We liked how Sami defended Lucas when Will was talking about him.  She could have let him rip into Lucas, but she didn't.  Dare we hope that it could be a sign for Lumi?

What is Will's purpose on the show?  All he does is rant and rave about Sami and Lucas.  Other than that, he doesn't add anything to the show.  He can go back to Switzerland if he wasn't going to do anything.

The writers must have expected us to forget that Sami didn't say one word about Will when she was in the safe house.  All she cared about was Johnny and Allie.  Now that Will is back, we are supposed to forget that she didn't mention him at all while he was in Switzerland.

If Will is so unhappy with Sami and Lucas, why doesn't he go back to Switzerland?  There's obviously nothing keeping him in Salem so what was the point of staying?

Sami should have told Lucas the truth about Grace.  He already knew that she was pregnant so she could have opened up to him.

Leave it to EJ to make Tony's death about him.  He enjoyed watching Stefano rip into Tony yet we're supposed to feel sorry for him that he lost his brother.

We enjoyed seeing Stefano rip into Nicole and EJ.  she kept saying that what happened to Tony was an accident and Stefano was tired of hearing it.  When EJ tried to defend her, he got it from Stefano too.  EJ thought he was being honorable, but it bit him in the butt.

Maybe it's just us, but it seems as if Lucas loves starting trouble with Kate. All she did was "show concern" that Chloe could be pregnant, yet Lucas ripped her a new one.

EJ didn't take Nicole's threat to leave too lightly.  When she wanted to call off the wedding because he was able to see why Stefano was suspicious, he wanted to call it off too.  He was tired of her always threatening to leave whenever things do go her way.  What was even worse was the fact that she had the nerve to make it seem as if he was the one who threatened to call off the wedding.  We loved the look on her face when he told her that she couldn't take Sydney with her.

Who was EJ to tell Stefano about talking about Nicole in his house?  EJ must have forgotten about that when he yelled at Nicole.

Chloe must have expected Daniel to be upset over losing her.  She was the one who wanted to break up with him so she didn't have the right to be mad at the fact that he could have moved on with his life.

Page updated 6/12/12

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