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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/23/09 - 3/27/09

It was nice to see Brady and Rafe talk to each other. It reminded us of when they played Ethan and Luis on Passions.  It was like a mini Passions reunion.

Why did Brady refer to himself as Sami's stepbrother?  He is also her cousin, he's not just her stepbrother.

Maybe we missed something, but we didn't see why Lucas was so mad that Kate showed up in Vegas.  It's not as if he knew what she was in Vegas for so he didn't have to flip on her the way he did.

Maggie needs to stop harassing Daniel.  She got what she wanted when she wanted him to leave Chloe alone, but she won't leave him alone.  If she wasn't going to say anything to Lucas about the idea, she needed to mind her business.

No offense to Chloe fans, but we enjoyed Kate's fantasy of choking Chloe with the headset.  It's too bad it wasn't reality LOL!

What is with all of the fantasies?  Kate had two fantasies about killing Chloe and exposing her secret.  It's starting to get like Passions.

Did the writers slip up?  Victor told Philip that Tony has been trying to get at his business for years.  How was that possible when he hasn't been back that long?

How will Stephanie be able to pay for her own apartment when she is an unpaid intern?  Unless Steve and Kayla are giving her money, how is she going to come up with the money?

Wasn't it ironic that Nicole thought Mia was selfish for selling her out?  She didn't care about Mia or she wouldn't have been brushing her off every time she tried to talk to her.

Why is Victor so hard on Philip, but let's Brady off the hook for what he does?

We're confused about Stefano and Tony's situation.  Stefano threatened to cut Tony off if he moved out of the mansion.  We were under the impression that Stefano already cut Tony off when he got out of the hospital last year.

When did Nick get in a psych ward?  The last we checked, he was in jail.  Now all of a sudden he's in a psych ward.  The writers must not know what to do with the character even when he's not on the show.

Why would Philip fight Tony when he has a prosthetic leg?  He took a chance of something happening to his leg.  

the writers were obviously trying to make EJ look like a saint by having him defend Tony to Stefano.  Tony still hates him so it didn't matter if he blamed Stefano for Tony's anger.

Page updated 6/12/12

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