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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/16/09 - 3/20/09

If Chloe isn't the best flyer, how did she go on her opera tours?  There's no way she did that without flying.  That would have been a neat trick.

Why wouldn't Nicole pick Chloe as Sydney's godmother?  She is supposed to be her friend, yet she didn't pick her as the godmother.

Speaking of godparents, why didn't Nicole want Brandon to be the godfather?  She didn't have to let EJ decide who was going to be the godfather.

When are Sami and Lucas going to spend time with Will?  They both do anything they can to get away from him.

Why did the writers wait until they wrote Tony off before he got a storyline? They could have used him on the show all along.

EJ and Nicole are something else.  Neither one of them want the other to be around Sami or Brady, but they still see them anyway.

Why did Tony have to be the one who found out part of Nicole's secret? It was a complete waste for him to find out when we know what's going to happen to him.  It would have been better for someone who's staying on the show to find out.

How convenient is it that Hope and Daniel keep running into each other now that Bo has been having visions of her with another man?  Hope and Daniel didn't run into each other before, but now they keep doing it.

It should be interesting to see what Victor has in store for the DiMeras.  We have never seen a Victor/Stefano showdown so it should make for some interesting scenes if the writers don't mess it up. 

Hope doesn't know what she wants.  She wanted Bo to tell her about his visions, but when he does, she doesn't want to hear about them.  The visions are suddenly driving her crazy.

It was Kate's own fault that Lucas and Chloe were able to get married.  If she told Lucas what Chloe did to him, they probably wouldn't have gotten married.  Lucas would have most likely dumped Chloe if he knew about the affair.

Why would Tony tell Nicole about the baby?  He would have been better off telling EJ.  It didn't do any good for him to tell her because all she had to do was lie.

It was hard to believe that Nicole thought to pick Brandon as Sydney's godfather when Tony slapped her in the face with the truth.  She could have been picked him as the baby's godfather.

Why couldn't Theo go to Sydney's christening if Johnny was going to be there?  Theo should have been there too.  Theo is related to Sydney too so he could have been at the christening.

Why didn't Tony just expose Nicole's secret during the christening?  He wasted his time threatening Nicole if he was never going to say anything.

What nerve did Nicole have to ask God not to take Sydney away from her?  After what she did, she didn't need to ask God to help her.

Maybe it was just us, but Rafe seemed  a little too upset with the DiMeras.  He should barely know the DiMeras, but he got irate when he was talking about them.  The DiMeras probably did something to him in the past.

Page updated 6/12/12

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