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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/9/09 - 3/13/09

Sister Theresa thought it was so wrong for Sami to curse in the house of the Lord, but she was able to lie in the house of the Lord. Lying is just as bad as cursing.

Why would Sami have a fit over a nun taking Grace for a ride?  It's not as if anyone knows that she's a DiMera so she didn't have to be afraid.

Why is Brady always around when a woman is in distress?  It's as if that's his only purpose for being on the show.

Why was Sami surprised that Stefano could have had the mayor killed?  She suspected him of having the mayor killed when she went into witness protection, yet she was still shocked when Roman told her he suspected Stefano of having the mayor killed.

Leave it to Chelsea to try and lessen the severity of her wrongdoing for why Bo was upset with her.  Bo had a right to be upset with her for letting Max spend the night in his house.  She wasn't right to let him in there no matter what spin she puts on it.

If Chloe didn't want Lucas t see her in her wedding dress, why didn't she try it on somewhere other than the cabin?  She could have tried it on at the DiMera mansion and Lucas wouldn't have caught her.

Chloe always has great timing (sarcasm).  She had to show up at the hospital chapel when Daniel was talking to God about her.  He didn't get the pleasure of overhearing her when she was making her plea bargain with God, but she gets to invade his privacy.

Could Abe be on the chopping block?  When Sami and Rafe were talking to him on the phone, Abe wasn't shown.  It made us wonder if Abe is being written off the show. It could be nothing, but it was suspicious.

Why was Roman so sure EJ couldn't have been behind the mayor's murder?  EJ has done some bad things in the past so he could have had something to do with the murder.  EJ shouldn't be considered above suspicion just because people want to forget that he is a bad guy.

If Lucas noticed how Sydney looks like Allie, why hasn't Sami noticed it?  Sami was around Sydney longer than Lucas, yet she didn't notice how she looks like Sydney.

Wasn't it ironic that Lucas went to Daniel for advice about Chloe?  If only Lucas knew what went on between Daniel and Chloe.

How did Kate know that Chloe slept with another man?  All she saw Chloe do was kiss Daniel.  That didn't mean she slept with him.

How did Will know about Lucas and Chloe's relationship?  He hasn't been around them long enough to know that they need to "chill".

Kate was self-centered. She knew Victor was busy at Titan, but she had to waste time talking about Chloe. What made her think that was more important than his work?

Kate would have been better of telling Daniel that she knew about his affair with Chloe.  Since he wasn't confessing to what he did, she should have busted him.

Page updated 6/12/12

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