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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/2/09 - 3/6/09

Why didn't Roman tell Sami that he spoke to Will?  She would have known that he was coming home.

Maggie was right on the money when she yelled at Chloe.  Chloe was crazy if she thought Maggie would suddenly approve of her being with Lucas.  Just because Lucas forgot what she did that doesn't mean Maggie did.

It should be pretty interesting to see what Kate and Victor are going to do to Chloe.  With the two of them working together, Chloe doesn't stand a chance and that's music to our ears.

Sami needs to be careful when she yells at Chloe. Chloe knows that Sami was pregnant so Sami needs to be watch what she says around her.  Chloe could blow her out of the water anytime she wants.

Since Sami is Brady's family, why would he want her to be with EJ as opposed to Nicole?  You would think that Brady wouldn't want Sami with EJ either since she's supposed to be like a sister to him.

Leave it to Chloe to let Lucas blame himself for why their relationship didn't work.  She was very good not to tell him why she wasn't perfect.

Nicole was no one to tell EJ about leaving his baby to go out when she does that all of the time.  She just left the baby earlier when she was with Brady.  Is she the only one who can desert Sydney?

Did Will possibly confess to shooting EJ in the back?  He made a comment to Lucas about shooting EJ in the back.  It was such a random thing to say which is why we were suspicious.

Was Chloe really the person Nicole needed to give her relationship advice?  Chloe has to lie to Lucas in order to keep him so she wasn't the "expert" that Nicole needed to talk to about EJ.

Chelsea forgot to mention how Daniel saved Bo when she defended him to Max.  She remembered to mention how he saved Kate, but she forgot to mention Bo.  He also saved her which should be forgotten. LOL!

Why did Rafe act as if he didn't know who EJ was when he met him when he knew who he was at the safe house?

Chelsea was acting as if she and Max were dating for the first time when she was voicing her concerns about what she didn't want to happen if they dated and it didn't work out.  Funny, she wasn't worried about losing him as a friend when they dated the first time around.

Why would Chelsea have sex with Max in Bo and Hope's house?  They could have gone anywhere to have sex.  They didn't have to disrespect Bo & Hope's house.

Who did Chloe think she was calling Sami phony?  She is lying to Lucas and making him think that she loves only him.  If anybody is a phony, it's Chloe.

What was with Sami getting upset with EJ interfering in her relationship with Rafe, when she had no problem doing the same thing with EJ and Nicole?  She can give out her opinion about EJ not being with Nicole, but EJ isn't supposed to do the same thing to her.

Hope talks out both sides of her face.  She thought Bo's visions were always right when he kept it from her, but now when he tells her about them, they don't hold any weight.  If she believed that in the first place, she wouldn't have had to leave him.

Max was poking his chest out to Bo as if he wasn't the one who disrespected his house.  Bo wasn't having sex in Max's house so Max wasn't the one who had the right to be upset.

Speaking of Max not being the one who had a right to be mad, Chelsea didn't have a right to be upset with Bo for embarrassing her with Max.  She shouldn't have had sex with Max in the house and she could have avoided her humiliation.  Bo shouldn't have had to practically beg her for her for her forgiveness before she forgave him.

Stephanie needs to make up her mind about Philip.  One minute she hates him and the next she's kissing him.  She may as well get back together with him since she's going to do it anyway.

Page updated 6/12/12

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