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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/23/09 - 2/27/09

Why didn't Chloe get burned when the flames came in Daniel's apartment?  The impact of the flame went in the apartment so she should have gotten it too.

How convenient was it that EJ was at Maggie's house when Melanie was defending herself against Stephanie, but he was nowhere to be found when Stephanie hit her.  Guess Stephanie wasn't supposed to get hit, but Melanie was.

It was amazing how no one else in Daniel's building didn't hear the explosion outside of his apartment.  It was a loud explosion so someone should have heard it.

Brady always seems to be around when someone's in trouble.  He must be like Superman and can always save the day.

Chloe had a lot of nerve to expect God not to hold her to her promise to stay away Daniel if Lucas was okay.  If she didn't w3ant to be held to that promise, she shouldn't have made it in the first place.

Is there anything worse than Chloe pitying herself?  When is she ever going to take responsibility for what she's done to Lucas without playing the pity-me game?

Nicole is such a hypocrite. She can keep staying around Brady and expect EJ not to get mad, but she would have a fit if he were around Sami.

How long have Bo and Hope been apart?  They were talking as if they have been apart for months.

How convenient for Chloe that Lucas didn't remember what she did to him?  The writers will do anything they can to let her off the hook.

We wonder why Maggie couldn't tell Kate about Chloe's affair with Daniel. She had no problem telling Lucas so she could have said something to Kate.

EJ finally found his manhood when he stood up to Nicole.  Nicole made the mistake of threatening to take Sydney away and he went ballistic.  She looked liked he hit her.  It was about time he put her in her place.  She played the "I'll-take-my-baby-and-run" card a little too much and it blew up in her face.

Why weren't any of the other Hortons at the hospital for Lucas?  Maggie shouldn't have been the only Horton at the hospital for him.

Nicole had the gall to tell Sami that a child should be with its mother.  Did she forget that she took a child away from her mother?  The irony flag was waving big time when she said that.

If Chloe didn't want to be with Daniel, why did she keep kissing him?  She could have left him and went back to the hospital.

It was convenient how Lucas' blood pressure rose when Kate was about tot ell him about Chloe and Daniel.  It was as if Chloe planned it herself.  Somebody must be looking out for Chloe since everything keeps working out for her.

We loved how EJ threw Nicole out of the mansion.  She threatened to leave him once too often and he wanted her to go.  Of course he had to cave and let her stay.  He should have stuck to his guns and let her go.

Sami dug her hole bigger by lying to Lucas about her baby being stillborn.  Now when she needs proof that she had a baby, she won't have Lucas to back her up.

Page updated 6/12/12

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