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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/9/09 - 2/13/09

Since Stephanie doesn't like Melanie, why does she care that Philip wants to bury her?  Is Stephanie looking for a reason to break things off with Philip?

Could Sydney getting sick be Nicole's karma?  Sydney might have had health problems anyway, but Nicole needs to deal with that happening since she wanted to steal Sami's baby so badly.

We were glad that Philip didn't just take what Stephanie was dishing out.  He ended up telling her that she could leave if she wanted to go.

We think that hope wanted Kayla to turn on Bo.  She didn't have to tell Kayla that Bo had a vision of her shooting Kayla.

We just wanted to slap Hope when she told Bo that she wanted to stay with Doug and Julie.  Did she forget the vow of for better or for worse?  She doesn't have to walk out on Bo.

We enjoyed watching Bo stand up to Hope?  It didn't do any good, but at least he didn't just take her crap.

Does Arianna Zuker (Nicole) have a deal with Ken Corday and Dena Higley?  Why does she have to be on the show everyday?  We don't need to see her on the show so much.

We're not sure about anyone else, but we never get tired of hearing Victor insult Chloe.  It never stops being funny.  We hope that Victor doesn't change his mind about her.

It's great that Stefano has finally become suspicious of Nicole.  Hopefully he won't allow Lexie or EJ to talk him out of being suspicious about her.  It's about time that someone became suspicious of her.

Dr. Baker needs to risk going to jail and tell EJ what Nicole did with the babies.  She needs to be knocked off of her high horse.

Brady is obviously sitting on his brain.  Why would he want to defend Nicole after everything she has done to him?  If he had any sense at all, he wouldn't want to have anything to do with her.

Nicole is getting what she deserves that Dr. Baker wants her to pay him.  We're sure that Nicole will get out of it somehow, but he doesn't plan on walking away.

Chloe had a lot of nerve dumping Lucas the way she did.  Did she think that if she whipped up some tears that Lucas would be okay with her decision?  She shouldn't have set a date if she was going to break Lucas' heart.

Brady really is an idiot.  He shouldn't have been so willing to steal money from Victor just because Nicole wanted it.  To make matters worse, he had the gall to defend her to Victor and practically blame him for why he stole the money.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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