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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/26/09 - 1/30/09

It's a shame that Bope and Steve and Kayla had to celebrate John and Marlena's wedding without them being there.  Why didn't the writers just wait to write them out?

Steve has been gone so long that he managed to get a haircut. Hopefully that will change.

Abe was really being an ingrate to Bo.  He read Bo the riot act for not catching the mayor's killer.  Did he forget that Bo was the reason why Theo was still alive?

What has the world come to that a nun is okay to lie?  Sister Theresa had no problem lying to Sami to cover for a woman that she doesn't even know.

Bo has started having visions about Hope we hope that this will be the start of a long storyline for them. They deserve to have a big storyline too.

It was good to see the vets (Bope, Steve/Kayla, and Abe/Lexie) together this week.  We would like to see more scenes with them together like that again.

Kate was the one who chose to end things with Daniel so why won't she leave him alone?  She didn't want to be with him so why does she keep showing up like a bad penny?

Wasn't that convenient how Mia and Sami just happened to go into labor at the same time?  What would Nicole have done if Sami hadn't gone into labor?

It was too easy for the killer to show up at the pub and get pictures of Johnny and Allie.  Did everyone just forget that Sami did describe what the killer looked like?

We were happy to see Victor back because he is the only one who seems to have Chloe's number?  It is so refreshing to see that someone in Salem isn't fazed by her "greatness."

We were so disappointed that Melanie was back on Wednesday.  We enjoyed the break that we got from her.  We should have known that wasn't going to last.

Are the writers trying to redeem Nicole by having her remind us that she lost her baby?  It is not working for us because that is no excuse for what she did.

It doesn't say much for Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, and Abe/Lexie that Maggie seems to get more screen time than they are.

Chloe is using Lucas' relationship with Sami as an excuse to justify her fling with Daniel.  She probably has herself convinced that she is right to sneak around with Daniel as long as Sami's in the picture.

Why did Nicole waste her time hounding Mia for her baby if she was only going to switch her baby with Sami's?

Why didn't Dr. Baker lie to Nicole and tell her that Sami saw her baby?  Nicole wouldn't have been able to take Sami's baby if he did tell her that.

Page updated 6/12/12

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