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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/19/09 - 1/23/09

Leave it to Sami to think that Hilda was killed because of her.  Sami was the reason why Hilda was killed, but we're not surprised she made it about herself.

It's good that Brady thought to email the file that Charlotte used to tape her session with John, but she found out right away that something wasn't right.

Why would Brady email Charlotte's file to Marlena's email address?  He should have used a different address.

It shouldn't have been so easy for the killer to have been able to get into the FBI's database.  We're surprised that he is taking so long to find her since he can find out everything so easily.

The last thing Marlena should have done was confront Charlotte about what she did alone.  She knows that something is wrong with Charlotte so why would she do that?

It was a nice surprise to see Bo and Hope being shown again.  We didn't expect them to be shown this week.

It's a shame that Sami only wanted to call Lucas when she was in trouble.  She wasn't thinking about calling him before.

Wasn't Nicole being a hypocrite by telling Chloe not to get upset when Lucas talks to Sami?  She was always mad when EJ did the same thing.

Leave it to Chloe to open her big mouth and tell Nicole about Sami's baby.  She made it really easy for Nicole to go after Sami.

How many times was John's life going to be in danger?  It lost something since John has almost died before.

It was great to see the flashbacks of John and Marlena.  It's going to be so much harder to see them leave the show.

It was just too convenient that Nicole was at the chapel when Sami told the nurse what she wanted to do with her baby.

Page updated 6/12/12

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