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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/12/09 - 1/16/09

Hilda should have been able to handle the killer since he only had a knife on her.  It's hard to believe that a trained FBI agent couldn't use self-defense to take the killer down.

Is EJ losing his hair?  He has changed his hairstyle and is sporting bangs now.  Is he covering up the fact that he is losing his hair?

Why won't Sami listen?  She knows the killer wants to killer her so why does she keep sneaking out of the safehouse?

We received two nice surprises on Monday.  We got the chance to see Rafe and Daniel with their shirts off.  That certainly made up for seeing EJ, Nicole, Chelsea, and Stephanie. LOL!

What right did Stephanie have to question what's going on between Max and Chelsea?  She has moved on with Philip so their relationship is none of her business.

We loved watching Victor ripping into Nicole and EJ.  They really had it coming.

Victor really livened up Lucas and Chloe's party.  We thought it was so funny when he said she couldn't wear white at the wedding.

It certainly didn't take much convincing for Daniel to get Chloe out of her clothes.  She claimed that she couldn't be with him, but she jumped at the opportunity to be with him.

Maggie shouldn't have been the only member of Nick's family to show up for his hearing.  Didn't the Hortons want to show him their support?  Are they embarrassed by what he did and don't want to support him?

Chloe looked really comfortable kissing Daniel in his apartment as if she doesn't have a fiancÚ.

It is so obvious that the writers are trying to get us to root for Melanie.  Just because she saved Nick from going to prison for life doesn't mean that she is suddenly a good person.

If Chelsea wanted to be at the hearing for Nick, she could have told Lexie that she wanted to go.  Lexie would have understood that she couldn't be there.

Nicole is going to get what she deserves if Mia ends up giving birth early.  She is so sure that she is going to be able to come up with a plan to explain why she gave birth when she did.

Page updated 6/12/12

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