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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/5/09 - 1/9/09

Once again we had to endure hearing about Melanie's project.  We can start counting it up.

When did Stefano get to see Theo?  He told Lexie that he and Theo were close.  We didn't realize that Lexie let him see Theo.

It was good to see Bo and Hope happy together at the police station.  It's too bad that we don't get to see them together like that too much anymore.

EJ must be the dumbest man alive to rip up the prenup.  He is really going to deserve it when Nicole takes him for everything he has.

Lexie wasn't watching Theo again.  She was talking to Stefano and he walked off again.  Is she trying to get rid of her son?

It's a good thing that Bo had the premonition about Theo.  If he didn't, then the ambulance wouldn't have been at the DiMera mansion any time soon.

Stephanie really is a tramp since she was ready to jump into the sack with Philip.  She claimed that she loved Max.  Guess Max is a thing of the past.

Lexie had a lot of nerve practically blaming her visit with Stefano for what happened to Theo.  She shouldn't have argued with Stefano about spending time with Theo.  She was obviously looking for someone to blame for what happened.  Whatever took the blame off of her.

Considering the reason why Nicole needs the baby, what right did she have to drive it home that Mia couldn't support her baby?

We were really applauding when Brady told EJ about how he's trying so hard not to be like his father.

It's too bad that Stefano couldn't go after Lexie.  She was so rude when she told him to leave the hospital.  Stefano was only trying to help and she was so mean to him.

If Kate didn't want to be involved with Daniel, why did she want him to go to Lucas and Chloe's party?

Maybe it's time for Brady to stop helping Nicole since she is constantly blaming him for everything that goes wrong with her plans.

It doesn't say much for Lucas that Chelsea was able to figure out that Daniel was interested in someone else when she found out that Daniel and Kate broke up.

Chloe blamed Daniel for what happened between them on the night of her engagement party.  Daniel didn't make her kiss him.  She had the power to turn him down.  She was just upset because she liked playing tonsil hockey with Daniel.

Page updated 6/12/12

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