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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


We donít understand why Hope and Ted expected Marlena to break doctor patient confidentiality just to tell Hope what Ben said about Ciara. They both know that she is a psychiatrist and canít do that. Hope of all people should know that Marlena takes her job seriously and doesnít tell anything about her patients. Hope didnít care because she wanted to find her daughter.

Speaking of Marlena, we didnít get why she was so determined to protect Benís privacy. She defended him as if he didnít try to kill her grandson. She practically bragged about him trusting her for why she was able to defend him. You would think that Marlena would have been willing to help Hope.

Claire acted as if she did Tripp a favor by telling him that she worked with Ben to break up his relationship. She also acted as if he was supposed to thank her for being willing to do it. She thought he should have been grateful. When that didnít work, she blamed him for losing Ciara. Itís too bad that her act ended up working. We wanted to see her fall on her face.

El Fideoís goons went after Chloe and Stefan. We didnít think we would have to hear that name again. We were bored with the story the first time it was shown so we didnít want to be bothered with it again. We hope this wonít be a long story because we will not be looking forward to it.

Ben found Hope and Ted in his room. He was rightfully upset that they broke into his room. They acted as if they were right to break in his room just because they wanted to find Ciara. Ben should have pressed charges against them. They both took for granted that Ben wouldnít report what they did to him.



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Page updated 2/4/19

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