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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


We enjoyed seeing Rafe rip into Gabi. We didnít want him to let her off the hook for what she did. She tried to make him feel sorry for her by saying that people hated her for what she did. The things she did wasnít going to make her popular so of course people were going to hate her. Anyway, she would have deserved it if Rafe didnít help her. Of course he was going to look out for her and she knew that he would. She was going to play on his sympathy.

We loved how Justin didnít want to represent Gabi after what she did to Abby. Gabi really had the nerve to expect him to think about her daughter. Arianna was the last thing on her mind when she schemed against Abby. Now that her freedom is on the line she wants to worry about her daughter. If she thought about Arianna, she wouldnít be in this mess. She always chooses when sheís in trouble to think about her daughter.

Jennifer and Hope talked about Jack being alive. It was nice actually seeing Hope be there for Jennifer for a change. More times than not Jennifer is there for Hope. Hope wanted to help Jennifer with Jack. If Hope actually does help her, it would be a nice change from her obsessing over Ben being with Ciara. Weíre pretty sure that Hope will still focus on Ben and Ciara, but this would be a nice distraction.

We donít know why Chad thought Abby would want to talk to him about Jack being alive. He should know that he would be the last person that she would want to talk to about Jack. Chad must be that arrogant to think that Abby would suddenly want to open up to him after what he did to her. We know he wants to try and get her to forgive him, but it was too soon to try that. He has a lot to make up for and trying to play on her vulnerability when it concerned Jack wasnít going to be enough.

We donít understand why Rafe thought Hope should help Gabi. Gabi did terrible things to her cousin. The last thing Hope should have done was help her. If anything, Hope should have been willing to throw the book at her. Rafe should have been happy that she wanted to try and help her by getting her an attorney. Ted may not be the best option, but he was better than no one. Hope did more for Gabi than she deserved considering what she did to her cousin.


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Page updated 1/2/19

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