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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Why I Have Stopped Watching the Bold and the Beautiful
By Barbara

Well, the time has arrived … I have stopped watching, so no more daily recording, The Bold and the Beautiful (referred to as B&B from hereon in).  I  followed B&B daily for 13 years, but in a word, I have simply lost * interest * in the show.  There are no longer any characters or storylines that * compel * me to watch.

I remember when I started watching it and why.  I began watching it at some point in 1999, because it happened to be when Justin Torkildsen took over the role of Rick Forrester after Jacob Young left the show.

I was drawn into B&B because it came on right before As The World Turns. When I turned the television on a bit early before ATWT and caught parts of B&B, I liked what I saw.

I may have lost interest in B&B, but there are things from it that I will miss.  One of them is the show’s matriarch Stephanie Forrester (as played by the great Susan Flannery) and Eric, individually and as a couple, flaws and all. What soap character isn’t flawed?!!

I will also miss the sibling relationship of Stephanie and Pam.  I thought the show did a good job of depicting their histories and their respective relationships with their mother.  Their scenes with their dying mother were moving and poignant.

I no longer read spoilers, but based on the last few episodes of B&B that I watched, I got the impression that Stephanie is going to die of cancer.  (I heard that Susan Flannery only negotiated a short-term contract and plans to retire). 

I cannot bear the thought of watching Stephanie lose the battle with cancer; so along with lack of interest, this is another reason why I have stopped watching the show.  (Even if I were still interested and continued to watch, I’d be doing a lot of FF’ing through scenes showing Stephanie’s declining health and could probably watch some episodes in a few minutes!)

It would be great if they could leave the door open for Stephanie to return on a recurring basis by having Eric secretly – off camera - send her to a hospital overseas for special treatment, along the lines of how Stephanie got a dying Felicia off to a hospital where she was put into remission and returned to LA.

Now for a run-through of some reasons why I have stopped watching B&B:

Hope-Liam-Steffy:  This triangle (or perhaps I should say Ping-Pong game, with Liam bouncing back and forth between the two women) has been going on far too long, with plots that have been ridiculous.  (Can anyone say Aspen Fashion Week, with Hope running from the paparazzi with a Monkees song playing in the background?)

I had cut Liam a lot of slack for a very long time, because he had struck me as simply being stupid and dumb, a doofus, who loved two women at the same time and did not have the experience or sophistication to handle it.  However, I came to the end of my long rope with his recent deplorable behavior -- becoming more and more intimately involved with Steffy while still trying to reconcile with Hope.  Somewhere, he crossed the line from stupidity to selfishness, wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

Although I’m curious about the reactions of Hope, Liam, and Steffy when Rick’s manipulation of the events from the night before Hope and Liam’s third attempted wedding comes out. It is revealed that Steffy and Liam did not “make out” and go at it the night before his attempted wedding to Hope.  However, I’m not curious enough to keep watching until that happens.  I’ll be perfectly content to read about it at this very site!

Marcus-Dayzee: They've been back burnered, but even when they had storylines, this couple was a snooze fest for me.  Furthermore, IMHO, TPTB blew it with what seemed to be a PSA regarding texting and driving. I didn’t like the way Marcus got off the hook for hitting Anthony as he (Anthony) was crossing the road with the accident proving to be a hit-and-run by some anonymous driver. 

IMHO, it should have been Marcus’ fault, because he was texting and driving.  Since this was his first involvement with law enforcement (that we know of), he could have at least been given a hefty fine. Although no fine would be high enough that, as a Forrester, he couldn’t have paid it.  Marcus should have been the one who had to take responsibility for the accident.  Texting and driving is a serious issue and IMHO, TPTB could have addressed it far more effectively.

Thomas-Caroline-Rick:  I wasn’t able to warm up to and like the character of Caroline from the get-go, so I don’t care what happens with these three.  I didn’t think she had much chemistry with Thomas, and from what little I saw of her and Rick, she has almost no chemistry with him.  I’m sorry to say that I attribute some of Caroline’s weakness to the actress who plays her, Linsey Godfrey. She’s cute, and I can understand why men would be attracted to her, but the actress fails to bring any real energy or personality to the character.

Taylor-Thorne:  Who?  These two were paired a while back, but nothing has come of it.  All that’s seen of Taylor is when she interacts with her children regarding their love lives, and defends her children to Brooke.

Speaking of Brooke: I haven’t particularly liked this character nor have I had strong negative feelings about her (as in hated) either.  I guess I’ve been ambivalent about her.  Nonetheless, I was disgusted and mortified by her sexual involvements with her daughter Bridget’s husband (Deacon Sharpe) and her SORAS’d daughter Hope’s first boyfriend, Oliver Jones.  How convoluted that Brooke betrayed her daughter Hope, whose mere existence represents a betrayal by Brooke of her daughter Bridget.

With regards to Brooke’s tryst with Oliver, I thought it was absurd that she apparently did not recognize that it was NOT Ridge, her on-again/off-again husband, whom she has been with for many, MANY years, that she was having sex with outside during her daughter’s high school graduation party.

If this was a plot device to split up Hope & Oliver and bring Liam into the equation, well, surely they could have found a much better, more effective way to accomplish this than by having Hope’s boyfriend (Oliver) betray her with her own MOTHER!!

Donna:  IMHO, it was foolish to have broken up her marriage to Justin.  These two had such a sweet long-time love story that the reason for their breakup being that they rushed into marriage too fast seemed lame.  I think the sudden, out-of-the blue Donna/Justin break up might have been done to pair her with Nick, but that did not work out.  There was no chemistry between them and one of the characters (maybe it was even Donna?) mentioned that with Nick’s short-lived involvement with Donna, this had him in relationships with each of the Logan sisters.

Donna seems to have no life, other than what have become stupid rivalries with Pam and propping up her sisters. It could be interesting if they’d pair her with Dr. Meade!

Bill-Katie:  Despite his many dastardly deeds, I enjoyed the character of Bill Spencer because of the successful blending of his ruthlessness and arrogance with subtle humor.  I loved the way in which Don Diamont delivered the zingers he was given. This actor consistently brings tremendous energy and charisma to his character.   However, since Bill is now involved in a serious storyline, which I can appreciate, there’s no opportunity for any humorous, sarcastic zingers from him. I liked what I saw of Diamont tackling the serious storyline, but this alone is not enough to keep me watching the show.

Although I think that Heather Tom deserved the Daytime Emmy award she won for her portrayal of Katie Logan Spencer, like her on-screen partner, Heather brings energy and vitality to every storyline she is in.

And finally, last but not least -- Ridge:  It has been said that Ronn Moss, who portrayed this character from day one, is “wooden”, “stiff” and “can’t act”; I don’t necessarily agree with this.  I never had any major issues with the actor or the character, and IMHO, Ron Moss * is * Ridge.  This is a case where the actor is irreplaceable.  I have heard that the role of Ridge will be recast.  I just can’t imagine any other actor, no matter how talented and handsome, following in Ron Moss’ footsteps as Ridge Forrester. Well, Ridge Marone to be exact.

For what it’s worth, I think that the way in which they wrote Ronn Moss off – by having Ridge leave Brooke because he cannot forgive her for lying about being in contact with Deacon – was lame.  Ridge has forgiven Brooke many times, for things that IMHO were far worse than this.

It has only been one week without B&B, and I’m not going through any withdrawal or curiosity about what’s going on.  Sadly, I just don’t care.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 10/21/12

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