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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Maya, Rick and Nick

By Suzanne

B&B is the best soap on the air right now. I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. Last year I gave up watching all of the soaps regularly because I just couldn't stand how bad the writing was. Apparently I'm not the only one because two of them have had major changes lately in their writing staff.

"Days of Our Lives" hired/fired their headwriter(s) and is supposed to have a big story coming in September - they say it's supposed to be great, like the old days, and will bring back many of our favorites. It's their 50th anniversary. "General Hospital" just fired their head writer and hope to improve things.  So far, I've heard that some like the way "Young & The Restless" is going right now, but others aren't too happy with all of the cast changes.

Since March, when B&B introduced the idea that Maya is transgender, the show has been on fire.  Not only Maya's story and how it affects everyone else, but all of the stories have been great. So now I'm back to watching B&B as my only soap. It helps that it's only a half hour per day, but it's pretty riveting stuff. I've been hoping for some time that any of the soaps would start doing more modern and unusual stories to keep our interest and revitalize daytime. B&B seems to be doing that more than the other soaps.

At first it looked like they were going to do a retread of Wyatt/Hope/Liam/Steffy, substituting Ivy for Hope, but that all changed when Steffy and Aly got into a fight that resulted in Aly's death.

They wisely realized that they had mishandled Aly so badly that she needed to go, and her death has major repercussions in the show.  Back when she was crazy the first time and threatening Taylor with a knife, she got over it and forgave Taylor way too easily and quickly, seemingly without any therapy. That made no sense.

Her romance with Oliver was great-- very cute -- but they rushed that, too, so there was nowhere to go. So instead, they made Aly crazy again, and killed her off. It propelled everyone into great story.

Now I read that they're going to bring in a bisexual character. That's great. There's never been a realistic bisexual character on daytime TV, so this is a first. On Y&R, Adam slept with both men and women, but the idea was that Adam was just very ambitious, and wanted revenge, so he didn't care what it took to get it.  They never addressed the fact that he slept with a guy, and it was dropped (and the actor who played Adam changed).  Y&R has never had any kind of good gay major character on the show. I wish they would learn to write about that.

Anyway, back to B&B. The only part of Maya's story that didn't make sense was that she was already an established character with a backstory that made it seem like she was really a woman. She had a child, or so we were told, that was taken away from her. It made very little sense to re-write that history by suddenly saying that she was a man and didn't give birth to the child.

What's also ridiculous is that in real life, transgender women look and sound nothing like Maya. Her voice is way too high, for one thing.  She's very tiny and it's just not believable that she was ever a guy. But no matter. The story has been great, regardless. Bringing in her parents and having her father be such a bigot has been icing on the cake. It's also great that they brought in some real-life transgender people to the show, especially her friend Nick.

I look forward to seeing what else they can dish out and where this storyline with Steffy goes. I'm glad they finally brought back Lieutenant Baker to investigate. He's always great.

All of the other soaps have murder mystery or serial killer storylines going on right now, so it's nice that B&B doesn't really have one. We know that Steffy didn't really murder Ivy. I can't wait to see how they handle this.

I started watching soaps with GH back in 1984, and I've largely been a GH fan ever since. However, I had to stop watching GH because it got so bad. I still love all of the actors, but I can't stand to watch it when it's so stupid and unrealistic. B&B has definitely taken GH's place in my heart. At least for now!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/18/15

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