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ATWT Character Description

Rosanna Cabot (currently played by Cady McClain) Written by Mona

Here is a short bio on Rosanna.  For more information on Cady McClain and Rosanna Cabot, along with her other characters, visit, brought to you by The TV MegaSite.

Rosanna Cabot is Carly Tenney’s half-sister. At first, she and Carly were enemies, but now it seems that they have started over and became civil.  Rosanna is filthy rich and she is the owner of Cabot Motors.  She is married to business tycoon Craig Montgomery (but they recently split).  She doesn’t have any children and recently found out that she now cannot. 

Her bad relationship with Carly goes back years to her then-relationship with Mike Kasnoff.  They were set to marry, only to discover that he cheated on her with Carly and produced a child, who later died.  Rosanna left and then came back to offer Carly a deal. She would give Carly a trust fund if she would be married to the father of her baby by New Year's Eve 99.   After the baby turned out to be Hal’s child, she set a trust fund up for Parker.  In addition to Cabot Motors, she owns Monte-Carlo, formally BRO.

In the past few years, Rosanna has gone through a lot of changes.  She and Craig adopted a child, but after bonding with the child, it was taken away.  Craig had illegally bought the child from a baby broker.  Carly felt betrayed and heart-broken.  She left Craig and then recently came back to town to tell off everyone who had lied to or betrayed her.  Then she got Cabot back, only to lose him again when James made it seem as if he died.  She started a romance with Paul, but she is angry at him because of Cabot.

Rosanna likes to show the world that she is strong.  She can be steely and have an acid tongue when she needs to; she is very tough in business.  She can also be manipulative.  However, inside she is a mass of insecurities and has a soft heart.  She loves fiercely and doesn't take emotional matters lightly.  When she is hurt, it is like a hole has opened up in the world.  She has always felt competition with her sister Carly, even though they are friends now.

Page updated 12/23/10

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