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ATWT Character Description

Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (currently played by Eileen Fulton) by Loretta

Lisa Grimaldi first came to Oakdale in 1962 as college coed Lisa Miller...straight into Bob Hughes' life. Not yet the flirtatious and alluring millionairess we know today, Lisa was content to let others mix and mingle and be content herself as Mrs. Bob Hughes. Soon that would change. Lisa met Bob Hughes while attending college. Bob became intrigued by Lisa and neglected his medical studies. The two fell in love and eloped. Knowing his parents would disapprove of his marriage, Bob tried to keep this from them, but Lisa was pregnant, so he was forced to tell them. Since Bob was still in medical school, finances were low, so Nancy and Chris invited the newlyweds to live with them in their Oakdale home. This worked out well for Lisa, since she pretended to have a difficult pregnancy, making Nancy tend to the house cleaning. Lisa and Bob agreed and lived under the same room with their baby son Tom, Nancy, Chris and Penny (Bob's sister).

Before long, it was not enough for Lisa to be The Doctor's Wife, and she became bored. Bob's long hours in medical school and eventually, a resident, left him little time for Lisa. Not getting the nurturing love she hoped for in her marriage, Lisa looked for fulfillment elsewhere by embarking on an affair with wealthy shoe manufacturer Bruce Elliot (the brother of her college roommate). While wracked with guilt, Lisa met her lover Bruce in out-of-the-way places, but sister-in-law Penny soon found out about it.

Due to a car accident, Penny suffered from memory loss, but once she regained her memory, she recalled a visit from Bruce Elliott's to Lisa and spilled the beans to Bob. At first Bob wanted to keep the marriage together, for the sake of their son, Tom, but Lisa told Bob she no longer loved him. After she and Bob divorced, Bruce turned out not to be the attentive husband Lisa had hoped for. Bruce was becoming increasingly embarrassed by Lisa's lack of sophistication. Lisa was just a small-town girl and that was not good enough for Bruce. Eventually Lisa lost Bruce, and almost  lost her son Tom, too, from a serious illness.  After that, Lisa promised to improve her mothering skills. A determined Lisa felt that re-marrying Bob would help her achieve this.

While Nancy was a little skeptical of Lisa earlier, Lisa was now beginning to grow on Nancy, so Nancy tried her best to bring Bob back to Lisa. Unfortunately, Bob didn't share Nancy's feelings about Lisa.

After realizing that she would never have a life with Bob, Lisa began feeding little Tom lies about his father Bob. Since Tom wanted nothing to do with his father (thanks to Lisa's tall tales), he didn't mind being taken away from Oakdale by his mother. No one knew where Lisa and Tom were. Frustrated, Nancy blamed Bob for this and accused him of neglecting Lisa and Tom. Eventually, Tom was returned to Oakdale, but without Lisa.

Eventually, Lisa returned to Oakdale. Everyone noticed that Lisa wasn't the same person she was. Besides knowing how to dress fetchingly, Lisa was now the epitome of sophistication and class. With her new look and style, Lisa wanted a new man.

Dr. Michael Shea entered Lisa's life while he was still married to Claire Lowell. Lisa soon found out she was carrying Michael's child. Lisa told Michael she was pregnant with his child. Since Michael did not want to end his marriage to Claire, Michael suggested that Lisa have an abortion. Lisa refused and soon gave birth to Charles. After divorcing Claire, Michael wanted to claim Charles as his son, so he proposed to Lisa, but she wanted nothing to do with him by that time.

Meanwhile, Tom was having his own problems. Tom was still feeling the scars from his mother abandoning him as a child, and it reflected in his schoolwork. Surprisingly, Tom was admitted to college, but eventually he flunked out and was drafted. When Tom returned to Oakdale after serving time in Vietnam, he began his experimentation with drugs. Tom's habit was taking over his life and he was even caught stealing a vial of drugs from Michael's office (Tom was caught by Michael himself). Michael used this opportunity to blackmail Lisa into marrying him, by forcing Tom to sign a confession stating that he stole drugs from his office. Michael presented this document to Lisa and offered to destroy it... but only if she married him. Lisa married Michael but neglected her "wifely duties" (Lisa persistently declined Michael's sexual advances). Michael then used little Charles to get what he wanted from Lisa by threatening to take the little boy away from her (if she continued to not join him in his bed chambers). Afraid of losing Charles, Lisa fled to Mexico.

Tom was later charged for murdering the evil Michael. Lisa, upon her return to Oakdale, learned that Tom was standing trial for Michael's murder. Lisa arrived at the courthouse just in time to hear Tom confess to this murder (Tom believed Lisa had murdered Michael because she had suddenly fled Oakdale). Hearing Tom's confession, Lisa collapsed. Lisa recovered but suffered from amnesia. Luckily, the truth was uncovered that Michael's former girlfriend murdered him. Lisa regained her memory, in addition to a loving relationship with son Tom.

Lisa then caught the eye of lawyer Grant Colman. Lisa married Grant,, but their marriage got off to a shaky start due to interference from Grant's ex-wife Joyce. Lisa and Grant failed to live happily ever after due to Lisa's jealousy of other women. The couple separated, then reconciled ,but Grant immediately went back to his old ways and neglected Lisa. Although they still managed to remain friends, Grant and Lisa divorced.

Lisa then let the entrepreneur side of her take over by opening up the Wade Book Store and later went into business with Barbara Ryan. Barbara and Lisa opened Fashions Limited, an upscale chain of clothing stores.

Always a hopeless romantic, Lisa soon became Mrs. Whit McColl. Soon after Lisa married, Lucinda Walsh tried to take over Whit's newspaper business, which began Lisa's long feud with Lucinda. Whit had three grown children from his former marriage and Lisa loved them (Diana, Brian and teenager Kirk) as they were her own. Lisa remained married to Whit until the mother of his illegitimate son, Dorothy Connors, murdered him.

The vivacious Lisa struggled with the loss of Whit. Luckily, Lisa fell in love with Earl Mitchell, an undercover Interpol agent. Lisa was also quite fond of Earl's sometimes-eccentric niece Shannon O'Hara. Lisa and Earl married, but while investigating James Stenbeck, Earl was tragically murdered.

For Lisa, it felt like the end of the world when she lost Earl, but she survived, and soon she loved again. This time it was with Maltese businessman Eduardo Grimaldi. Lisa soon found herself single once again when Eduardo was attacked and rushed to Memorial Hospital, where he died. Lisa blamed John Dixon for Eduardo's death and sued him for malpractice. The lawsuit almost destroyed John's career until it was discovered that Eduardo was murdered. Angry that Lisa nearly destroyed his career, John pretended to forgive her, romanced her into a marriage proposal, then publicly dumped her at their "engagement" party.

Lisa eventually forgave John for humiliating her and learned to love again. This time Lisa fell for Martin Chedwyn. While Martin wined and dined Lisa, she discovered that he was using her to transfer his assets out of Hong Kong until the government re-established itself. Lisa was shocked to uncover this fact. When Lisa approached Martin about this, he held Lisa hostage on a yacht and forced her into marriage with him. John Dixon came to Lisa's rescue and the two of them resumed their friendship. Eventually Lisa's marriage to Martin was annulled.

Always a risk-taker, Lisa bought a newspaper business, which published The Argus newspaper. Lisa's lawyer son Tom navigated a career shift and went to work for this newspaper, which thrilled his mother. No longer finding the newspaper business a challenge, Tom explained to Lisa that he wanted to go back to practicing law (Lisa was actually relieved to finally sell the newspaper).

Lisa has had her ups and downs in love, but in business she is wildly successful. In addition to owning the prestigious Lakeview Towers hotel and restaurant, Lisa financially helped out Isaac Jenkins to save his Java Underground lounge by becoming a co-owner in it (Lisa bought out Craig Montgomery's share). After Lisa became business partners with Isaac, she said goodbye to her longtime business partner Barbara Ryan (Barbara was forced to end her partnership due to her enormous legal bills). Knowing that Lisa needed another partner, Jack Snyder convinced Lisa to take his fiancée, fashion designer Carly Tenney, on as a partner (Lisa was not a fan of hers). Due to interference from Craig Montgomery, Carly's contract with Lisa was broken so Carly could work for Craig's Monte Carlo.

Currently Lisa is single - but always looking.

Page updated 12/23/10

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