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ATWT Character Description

Dr. John Dixon (currently played by Larry Bryggman since 1969) by Loretta

Except for perhaps his children, Dr. John Dixon has found it difficult to form close, personal friendships with the citizens of Oakdale, which unfortunately is his fault. John is Oakdale's finest cardiologist/heart surgeon/researcher but possesses the personality that caused Dr. Bob Hughes (John's rival) to want to bang his head against a wall on several occasions. John's list of credits includes blackmail, fraud, rape and attempted murder.

While John carried out his daily duties of analyzing echocardiograms and prescribing cardiovascular medications, he became smitten with widow Kim Reynolds.

John's fondness for Kim quickly became an obsession, and John was set on  making her his wife. John lucked out when Kim became pregnant with herbrother-in-law's baby. John convinced Kim to marry him so she could give the baby a name. Sadly, this baby died. Soon Kim no longer wanted to remain with John. John did not share Kim's desire for a divorce, so he blackmailed her into remaining as his wife. Detecting that Kim was in love with another man, Dan Stewart, John schemed with Susan (Dan's ex-wife) to keep the two apart. Good fortune soon met with John when Kim (who was on the brink of divorcing him) came up with amnesia due to an accident. John used Kim's illness to his advantage by caring for her, while secluding her from friends and family.

During this time, John also saw to it that he resumed a sexual relationship with Kim, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with their son Andy. Regaining her memory, Kim left John. John coped with life without Kim by drinking heavily, which resulted in his suspension from the hospital. Unnerved, Kim (now reunited with Dan) saw to it that John's visits with their son Andy were limited to supervised visits. Resenting that his son was being raised as a Stewart, John kidnapped little Andy. Dan searched for Andy but wound up being shot by a jealous John.

After John convinced a court that his shooting Dan Stewart was an accident, he got his life back on track and conquered his drinking problem. Soon John was placed back on staff at Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Finally over Kim, John next became attached to young Dee Stewart. Soon John's friendship blossomed into love for Dee, but unfortunately she was in love with Brad (her brother-in-law). John, knowing just the right buttons to push when it came to Dee, persuaded her to marry him by programming her to believe that her sister was pregnant (Brad's wife).   Facing the fact that she lost Brad forever, Dee gave in and married John. 

While Dee was Mrs. John Dixon, she was clearly still in love with Brad.  John, who was anxious for Dee's love, became possessive and worked himself up in a rage of jealously over Brad. Desperate, John forced Dee to make love with him one night. Dee accused John of rape and they went to trial.  On the witness stand, Dee claimed that she willingly made love to John by pretending it was Brad. Soon John learned that he had a daughter named Margo from an affair many years ago with Nurse Lyla Montgomery. John bonded easily with his grown daughter and she (Margo) even moved in with him for a brief time.

John and Margo had a healthy father-daughter relationship, except when John found out that Margo was having an affair with the married James Stenbeck.  John knew that James was nothing but a criminal and he hated the fact that Margo was madly in love with James. John tried to warn Margo that James could not be trusted, but Margo did not listen. During this time, John was temporarily blind, due to an accident which occurred when he fell down a flight of stairs.

Once John got his sight back, he got back at James Stenbeck. John came upon some interesting knowledge about James and armed himself with this. John found out that James wasn't really a member of the royal Stenbeck family but had been switched at birth (by his mother, who was the Stenbeck nanny). John demanded $100,000 from James, or else John would spill the beans. At the time, John was newly married to money-hungry Ariel Aldrin (James' sister).  He staged his own death, since he was aware that James intended to murder him. John had intended for James to be accused of his (John) murder, but unfortunately, John's ex-wife Dee took the blame.

At Dee's murder trial, John surprised the courtroom by standing up, removing his disguise, and revealing himself. Just as quickly as John's marriage to Ariel ended, he tied the knot with young pre-med student Karen Haines. John and Karen spent lots of time with orphaned Dusty Donovan and they soon became legal guardians of the youngster, who just happened to be the true heir to the Stenbeck fortune (Dusty was Gunnar Stenbeck's son).

Marriage to Karen proved to be another failure for John, and they divorced. Although divorced from Karen, John remained friends with her.   Now a bachelor again, John met a new Oakdale resident, the wealthy Lucinda Walsh. John's adopted son Dusty and Lucinda's daughter Lily were quickly becoming friends, so John and Lucinda naturally formed a friendship, also.  

When Lucinda's abnormal heart condition posed a threat to her life, John performed the required heart surgery on her with great success. Soon John found out a secret, which Lucinda was trying desperately to hide: Lucinda had another daughter (Sierra Esteban) whom no one knew about, not even her daughter (Sierra). John used this opportunity to blackmail Lucinda, but it did not work with her. John wound up telling Sierra himself that Lucinda was her real mother.

Despite John and Lucinda's constant bickering, the two fell in love and married. Their heated and passionate arguments remained, but they kissed and made up as quickly as they fought. Marriage to John seemed to agree with Lucinda, in fact it even seemed to soften her for a brief time, but unfortunately, it didn't last when John learned that he had yet another child which he never knew existed, named Duke Kramer (Duke was conceived as the result of an affair of John's while he was married to Kim).

John desperately wanted Duke in his life and invited the young man to live at the Walsh mansion. Unfortunately, Lucinda did not share John's enthusiasm for Duke, so she schemed to get Duke out of Oakdale. John found out about Lucinda's plan and got angry by having an affair with hospital pal Dr. Susan Stewart. Once John and Lucinda divorced, he started a whirlwind romance with Iva Snyder. Iva, having moved out of her mother's house on the farm, moved into an apartment one floor below John's. Iva had adopted her nephew Aaron but found herself pregnant by John.

Once their son Matthew was born, John and Iva eventually split. Iva left John for Washington D.C. and her new husband, who was an established attorney. John had planned to sue Iva for custody of Matthew, but John's colon cancer diagnosis put an end to that. John's bravely dealt with this cancer ordeal, which went into remission. Once John got back on his feet, he faced another challenge: Lisa Grimaldi blamed John for her husband's death and tried to sue him for malpractice. Luckily for John, evidence was found which proved that Lisa's husband had been murdered, taking John off the hook. John got even with Lisa for almost destroying his career by pretending to romance her, then publicly dumping her. Needless to say, Lisa was humiliated in front of her friends and family. Lisa soon forgave John when he rescued her from Martin Chedwyn. John and Lisa have remained friends, but not without feeding each other an occasional insult.

With several marriages and divorces behind him, John now fell for Barbara Ryan. John and Barbara shared a night of passion, which left Barbara pregnant. John offered to marry Barbara, but she didn't want John to marry her out of pity. After some convincing, Barbara agreed to become Mrs. John Dixon. During her pregnancy, Barbara became injured in a bombing, which caused the premature birth of her child (John was forced to choose between saving Barbara or the baby). John chose Barbara.

Unfortunately, the child (Johnny) was too premature too survive and died a week after being born. Barbara, who could not forgive John for the death of their son, quickly became ex Mrs. John Dixon. John (still obsessive) wanted Barbara back. Seeing that Barbara had her eyes set on her ex-husband Hal, John devised a plan with Carly Munson that would keep Hal and Barbara apart. This scheme required Carly to be artificially inseminated with John's sperm but claim that Hal was the father. Eventually, Hal found out the truth and divorced Carly.

Besides writing a best-seller book, John found time to marry Carly so she could inherit fifty million dollars. After their baby (Parker) was born, they divorced. While John was enjoying helping to raise little Parker, he learned that the child was not his, but Hal Munson's! Even though John was a highly successful physician and surgeon, plus a best- selling author, he yearned to have children in his life. Soon John's wish was answered. John's son, Andy (with Kim), revealed to him that he had a daughter named Hope (with Denise Maynard).

Andy, who had battled alcoholism, was uncertain about whether to keep his parental rights, but John was eager to help raise Hope himself. John tried to convince Andy to sue for sole custody of Hope, but Andy wasn't keen on his dad's idea. To keep John from trying to gain custody of Hope, Andy married Denise. This was a bad marriage from the start, but Andy did not want out of it. Andy pretended to be paralyzed in order to remain married to Denise.

Later, John realized Andy faked his paralysis, so he allowed Denise to obtain custody of Hope. John's enemy, James Stenbeck, popped back into Oakdale and schemed with his ex-wife Barbara to kidnap Carly; little Parker was left with John until Carly was found. Parker's Aunt Rosanna soon arrived and gained temporary custody of him. John agreed that Parker was better off with family than with him. When it was revealed that Barbara was involved in Carly's kidnapping, John tried to convince the police that she was innocent by saying that Barbara was not in a normal state of mind since she suffered emotional trauma from the fire she was injured in.

John once again came to Barbara's rescue when James returned to take Barbara away with him. James desperately hated the fact that John Dixon was once married to Barbara. In order to keep James away, Barbara asked John to pretend to be "involved" with her. John agreed and Barbara temporarily moved in with him, but James didn't buy their scheme. When John's daughter Margo wasn't feeling as well as she normally did, John forced his stubborn daughter to get a physical. After several hospital tests (suggested by John), he discovered that Margo had Hepatitis C and she quickly developed liver cancer.

During Margo's trying ordeal, John lovingly watched over her. Katie (Margo's younger sister) gave part of her liver to Margo in order to safe her life. Katie and Margo both recovered fully from the operation. John stepped in for Dr. Bob Hughes as Memorial's Chief of Staff while Bob recovered from a coma. Bob suffered a stroke from supposedly not taking his medication and lapsed into a coma, but it turned out that Bob's condition was caused by a serial killer. When the police stepped in to investigate these mysterious hospital murders, it was discovered that a serial killer was on the loose at Oakdale Memorial hospital. Now under more stress, John had to deal with police questioning the entire hospital staff, which led to low moral and understaffing.

Page updated 8/20/14

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