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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode 28
By Patti G


Scene 1: The Hubbard Family

Angie and Jesse arrive at the old Wallingford/Tyler Mansion and coming right up behind them are Brot, Natalia, Frankie, Randy, and the baby. To no one in particular ,Angie says, "It is very strange to be coming here without seeing Phoebe." Jesse asks, "Did Ted buy the estate?" Angie answers, "I think he is just renting it until he makes permanent plans. The door opens and Kayla stands there welcoming in her "new" family.

Everyone makes his or her way into the living room, which is perfectly decorated for the holiday season. As Ted walks in the room, Angie exclaims how beautiful the whole house looks and how quickly they have settled in. Ted explains that "Marian Chandler was very helpful expediting the whole leasing procedure, so we could be in by Christmas. We wanted to be able to have you over and reciprocate your hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving.

"Where should we put the gifts?" asks Angie. "Just place them with the others under the tree," Ted answers. "Who did all the decorating?" Angie asks. "I give all the credit to Kayla for that," Ted beams. Angie tells her she did an incredible job. "How is the job hunt going, Kayla?" "Actually Angie, Randy introduced me to Greenlee, and she hired me as a part-time assistant at Fusion while I attend PVU."

Ted tells everyone to make themselves comfortable and dig into the drinks and snacks, but don't fill up as the cook has made a wonderful dinner.

Scene 2: The Montgomery Family

Krystal is putting the turkey in the oven when Jack walks in and offers to help. "Thanks, but I am not an invalid," Krystal snaps at him. She realizes she was out of line and apologizes to her husband.

Krystal says, "I think we made the right decision postponing the news to the whole family until after the holidays are over. This is going to affect the whole family, plus we have the election to think about."

"Well, it is obvious I will have to drop out," Jack tells her.

"Absolutely not! There is no reason for you to quit because of this. You have put a lot of hard work into this election and will be a great governor."

"Krystal, you are more important to me than an election," he tells her.

"That's very sweet, and I know you mean it, and I love you for that. However, I don't want this illness to define me or change our lives more than it needs to. Plus I don't want you to have any regrets years from now and blame me for a lost opportunity. I may not be able to attend every function, but with our extended family there are plenty of us to stand in for me when needed."

Scene 3: The Martin Family

Like in so many homes Christmas morning, the Martin kids, Kate, Jenny, Trevor, and Natalie are all up at the crack of dawn to rush downstairs to see what Santa has brought. While Kate is old enough to know the truth about Santa, Tad and Dixie have sworn her to not tell the other kids.

Although the children think they are not making noise, it's still enough to wake up the whole household. Down the stairs still in their robes come Dr. Joe, Tad, Dixie, Amanda, and Jake.

"Daddy!" Jenny cries out to Tad. "Look at all the presents under the tree."

Trevor calls to Amanda and Jake, "I told you Santa knew I was a good boy this year. Which presents are mine?"

All the adults laugh at the delight of the children. Jake picks up the camcorder and starts recording all these precious moments to save for the future.

"Well, since we are all up, we might as well all see what Santa has brought us," says Dr. Joe.

The Martin family gathers around the tree and start opening gifts. While this is the first Christmas without Ruth, it goes without saying she is on all their minds.

Scene 4: The Chandler Family

It is early morning at "Casa Chandler" and no one appears to be up yet. The front door opens and in walks Colby fresh from her visit out west. "The coast is clear," she says to someone behind the door. In walk Hayley, Mateo, and their boys. Colby asks Hayley, "Should we wake up Dad and surprise him?" Hayley says, "I wouldn't as we could give him another heart attack."

Before they make up their minds, Brooke comes down the staircase. "Oh my goodness, I can't believe what I'm seeing. Your father is going to be so over the moon when he comes down."

Mateo and the boys head to the kitchen while Brooke, Colby and Hayley enter the parlor. Brooke asks, "When did you decide to come?"

"It was a last minute decision. Colby and I began to think how long it's been since the whole family has been together for a holiday," says Hayley.

"Brooke?" "Brooke?" Adam calls out. They all hear Adam as he walks down the stairs. The girls decide to stand behind the door. When Adam walks in, he sees Brooke and asks her, "Why are you up so early?" Brooke tells Adam to turn around. When he does and sees his daughters, he can't believe it. Adam rushes over to hug them, his face just beaming. "Where are Mateo and the boys?" he asks. He doesn't have to wait for an answer as they all walk into the parlor.

Scene 5: The Slater Family

David walks into Kendall's hospital room and sees her sitting up in bed. "Well, you look good for someone who has been in a coma for two years," David says to her.

Kendall says, "I can't believe it has been so long. I don't remember anything. What happened?"

David informs her, "There were complications during the delivery of your baby girl, Amelia."

"Oh, my God! The baby, please tell me she's okay?" Kendall asks him.

"Calm down, Kendall, please, "She's just fine, perfectly healthy and normal, and I may add she looks just like her beautiful mother."

"Thank God! Does Zach know I'm awake? When will he be here? When can I see my boys and the baby? What about Bianca and Mom?

"Calm down, Kendall. We can't overload you right now so soon after awakening. I wanted to wait to call Zach until I could examine you and be sure you were okay."

"Please, David. Call him right now, I need to see him and the children."

Scene 6: The Hayward Family

David walks in the door and into the living room where Cara is reading and little Leo is playing with his train set on the floor.

"How's Kendall?" she asks.

"Physically she seems fine, but she has a lot to process right now. Zach was with her when I left. She wants to see her children, but I suggested she wait till at least tomorrow."

"I'm sure she wasn't thrilled to hear that."

"No, she wasn't, but Zach managed to convince her."

"Well, I'm glad you're home with your family. Mama is overseeing dinner. "I wanted to help but she insisted I rest."

"For once I'm in agreement with your mom on this. I have to say you look even more beautiful than usual if that is even possible."

"Daddy, can you play trains with me? asks Leo.

"Absolutely, young man. Are you going to be the conductor or the engineer?"

Cara sits on the sofa thinking how blessed she is as she looks at her husband and son while she rubs her growing belly.

Happy Holidays to All

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