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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #53
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Emma saunters over to AJ and Miranda with a big smile on her face and immediately gives them both a big hello. She even embraces them both with a big hug. AJ and Miranda are a bit surprised by her greeting but let it go for what it is.

"Miranda, you look terrific," Emma coos. "I saw that outfit at The Boutique, but I couldn't pull it off. On you, it looks great."

"Well, thanks, Emma. AJ and I were beginning to think you weren't going to show after we saw your dad and Greenlee arrive without you."

"Well, the truth is I was delayed, because I was doing a new friend a favor."

"I'm glad you made it. It's nice to have all this family around, but with you and Miranda here, it won't be that boring," AJ says.

Krystal walks over and asks AJ if he could do her a favor. Reggie was supposed to pick up Lily at the train station, but she just called, and he hasn't shown up. I tried calling him myself, but he's not answering his phone. "Sure," AJ tells her, "Just call Lily and let her know." Krystal tells AJ to take her car and hands him the keys.

"Do you want to take a ride with me, Miranda?" AJ asks.

Before Miranda can even answer, Emma jumps in and says "Why doesn't Miranda stay with me? We can have some girl talk."

"It's fine, AJ," Miranda says. "Emma is right; we haven't seen each other in awhile."

"Great! Then it's all settled," Emma says.

AJ leaves to go get Lily. Krystal excuses herself and gets back to the party.

"So, Emma, what is this about a new friend?" asks Miranda.

"Just this gorgeous guy I literally ran into before the party. He's new in town, and I took him over to the Boarding House for a place to stay."

"Well, that was very kind of you, especially since you just met him."

"By the way, Miranda. I was transferring all my friend and family's birthdays into my new calendar, and I forgot that you and AJ are born the same day. That is so weird now that your moms are together, and you're also dating. I mentioned it to my dad and asked him if he knew the story, but he just said that your mom and AJ's got trapped in a snowstorm, and his mom, Babe, had to deliver you by herself and then have AJ all by herself. I got the feeling, though, there was more to this story, but my dad said the rest didn't matter anymore. Do you know the rest of the story?"

Scene 2:

"So, Max, sit down and let's get to know each other a bit better," says Opal.

Max and Opal sit down and Opal begins telling him a little of her back story and how she came to own this house and keep the Boarding House "alive" after her good friend Myrtle passed on. She fills Max in on the house rules and tells him the other people living there. "So Max, we will have a two-week try out and then if you find another place to live, that's fine; and if there are no problems and you want to stay, we can do that."

"Well, that is very fair of you, Ms. Opal," Max tells her. "I don't know exactly how long I'll be staying in Pine Valley. I guess it will depend on if I can find more information about either of my parents."

"Well, I don't know your financial status, but my son Tad is a private detective, and he and his new partner, Reggie, might be able to help you or give you some advice. If you want, I can give him a call and introduce you."

Scene 3:

Tad walks in the door to the house and yells out "Any one home?"

He hears Dixie call from the kitchen, "Kate and I are in here."

Tad walks in and finds two of his favorite ladies busy preparing something that smells real good for dinner.

Dixie asks, "How was your day?" and gives her husband a peck on the cheek. "Did you finish up the case you and Reggie were working on?"

That bad boy has been put to bed. Now the rest is in Jesse's and the DA's hands."

"How were your days, ladies?"

"The hospital was very quiet as far as my patients go," Dixie tells him.

"School was fine. I have my first big exam in psychology tomorrow, so I'll be up late cramming," Kate offers.

"Did Reggie end up making it to the family party?" Dixie asks Tad.

"I haven't heard from him. I told him to let me wrap up the loose ends, so he could get home and change."

Scene 4:

As the gun goes off, Tim watches the hooded stranger fall to the ground.

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