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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #51
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Reggie is enjoying his run after all the tension of the past few days is over. Unlike running when he was in the military, having good music to listen to helps make the run even more enjoyable. He starts to slow down when he gets close to the house. As he gets to the front door and reaches into his sweatpants pocket, he can't find the key. Instinctively he reaches into the other pocket but no luck there either. Could it have fallen out of his pocket while running or did he just forget to take it? Obviously, he thinks to himself, it doesn't really matter as he is locked out of the house either way. Damn, he didn't take his cell phone, so he can't even call anyone to come and let him in. He considers going to a neighbor's house and asking to use their phone; however, since he has been away for so long, he really doesn't know the neighbors very well, and they don't know him either. He tries the garage door, hoping it might open, but it is shut tight. Eventually, he decides to try going to the back of the house on the chance that the kitchen or patio door is not locked.

Instead of going out for some beers, Tim decided to pick up a six-pack to bring home. He is a few blocks away from The Boarding House when he sees a dark figure heading to the back of the next house ahead. Tim decides to check it out. He pulls his car over to the curb, gets out, and quietly heads to the back of the house to see what's going on. His police training kicks in and unconsciously he unholsters his gun.

Scene 2:

At the restaurant, Krystal and Jack open the door, head in, and turn on the lights. "Jack," Krystal calls out. "Don't forget to put the sign Private Party Tonight on the front door."

"I found it," Jack answers. He takes the sign and the scotch tape Krystal left out and tapes it to the door. As soon as he looks up, Bianca, Marissa, Miranda, AJ, Gabby, and Bella arrive.

They all go in and hugs and kisses are passed around. When Marissa asks where her mom is, Jack points to the kitchen. Bianca asks Jack what help they can give and he tells her to go with Marissa and check with Krystal.

Not long after that, Greenlee shows up. Jack asks, "Where are Ryan, Emma, and Spike?"

Greenlee explains that Spike is coming with Kendall, Zach, and Ian. Emma called a little while ago and said she was running late, not to wait, and she would meet them here. Ryan had a quick errand to run before the party.

Scene 3:

After introductions are made, Max explains to Emma that he just arrived in Pine Valley and asks her if she knows of some place he can stay. Emma suggests The Boarding House; and even though she is running late, offers to drive him over.

Scene 4:

Annie arrives at the condo with a small suitcase ready to begin her new life. She opens the front door, turns on the light, and sees Ryan sitting on the sofa waiting there for her.

"You scared me," Annie says to Ryan. "What are you doing here, sitting in the dark? If you're looking to cause trouble, Ryan, I haven't done anything wrong. The doctor gave me all my instructions, and I intend to follow them to the letter."

Ryan stands and says to Annie, "It was not my intention to scare you, and I'm sorry if I did. I just wanted to make sure you got in okay and see if you needed anything. I know this is not going to be easy for you coming back, but I'm willing to try and help you as best as I can. I think that it's in Emma's best interest that we keep trying to get along."

Annie is both surprised and a bit skeptical. She reminds herself that Ryan has made great effort over the past five years to let her see Emma. It's just that she's not used to seeing Ryan in person after so much time. She remembers what she learned in therapy and not to be paranoid and think the worst. If Ryan is telling her he wants to help, then she should accept his word. "So Ryan, one question. Does Greenlee know I have come back to Pine Valley?"

Ryan looks at Annie and answers, "No, she doesn't. Greenlee and I have a family party tonight, and tomorrow she leaves for New York City to attend the Cosmetics Trade Show. I thought I would wait until she got home to tell her and give you some time to settle in."

"By waiting until I get settled in, does that mean you just have a couple of extra days before the you know what hits the fan?"

Scene 5:

Madison almost drops Charlotte off her lap. "Are you serious?" she asks her husband.

"Just because I filled in that one day and didn't cause too much trouble, I'm sure there must be plenty of more experienced people to host The Chat."

Scott tells her there probably are many more experienced people out there to do the job, but he thinks she would do a great job also.

"I have absolutely no experience for this job."

"Well, neither did Hayley when she started and look at her now. She is the host of one of the biggest morning talk shows in the country."

"Scott, you are really serious about this, aren't you?"

"I have given it a lot of thought, Madison. I really think with some help from the staff, Gail and myself, you would be great. All I'm asking right now is that you think about it, okay?"

Madison's head is spinning in so many directions right now, but she can see how determined her husband is about this that she agrees to give it some serious thought. "Okay, Scott. I'll think it over but promise that no one knows about this till I make my decision."

"That's all I ask, Madison, and we won't breathe a word of it to anyone for now."

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Patti G

Page updated 9/13/14

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