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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #50
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Everything seems to be winding down. Adam and David are rushing to the train station to find the locker and get the antidote. Jesse and Tad are racing to the Pine Cone Motel, hoping they will be able to apprehend Victor Westmore. At Wildwind, Brock has arrived and Brooke has filled him in on what has been going on. As instructed by Jesse, Brock reads Ellie her rights and arrests her. A plainclothes officer tells the women and Jake that Jesse has instructed him to rush all of them over to Pine Valley Hospital where Dr. Hubbard will meet them.

Jesse and Tad arrive at the motel and quietly walk up to Westmore's room. The lights in the room are on and the door is ajar. Jesse pulls out his weapon and signals to Tad to let him go in first. Tad is fine with that plan. Jesse kicks the door open and rushes in with Tad behind him; but, to their dismay, the room is empty. Jesse checks out the bathroom, but it is obvious that Victor is gone. Tad carefully looks around the room, trying not to disturb the crime scene. He finds an envelope sitting on the desk addressed to Ellie. Jesse goes out to his car and returns with gloves and opens the letter.

My Dear Ellie:

I am so happy that my plan worked and we paid back the men who ruined your mother's career. I needed to be careful, so I put a tracking device in your phone. I know you went to Wildwind and, being the sweet child you are, most probably told them of your involvement with this and eventually helped them out. Don't feel guilty, my daughter. I know your heart was never really in this.  By the time you read this letter, the authorities have probably arrested you, and I am long gone. It would serve no purpose for both of us to get caught. Trust me, I will use whatever means possible to get you out of this situation from afar. You feel free to use whatever means at your disposal to trade for a lighter sentence. I know my leaving you seems harsh, but one day, you will understand why it was better for me to go.

Your Loving Father

Tad and Jesse read the letter over several times and still cannot believe this man would leave and let his daughter take the fall. Jesse calls the station and tells them to be on the look-out for Victor Westmore. He tells them to get a description of Victor's car and the plate number and then contact the State Police. Then have the CSI team meet him at the Pine Cone Motel.

Scene 2:

Reggie walks in the house and runs into Jack and Krystal leaving for the party.

"I thought you were not going to be able to join us tonight," says Jack.

"I wasn't so sure myself, Dad, but it all worked out. I will tell you all about it later. Right now, I want to get in a quick run and shower. I'll meet you at the restaurant in a while."

"Okay," Krystal responds. "Don't rush. We still have plenty of stuff to do before everyone gets there."

Krystal and Jack leave, and Reggie hops up the stairs to change for his run. He feels a bit guilty leaving his partner Tad to finish things up with Jesse but Tad told him not to worry and enjoy the party. After changing, Reggie grabs his iPod, puts the earbuds in, and heads out the door.

Scene 3:

Emma is waiting for the saleswoman at The Boutique to give her the shopping bag with the new outfit she plans to wear to the party. As she starts to walk out of the store, Emma notices the time and how late she is. She starts walking quickly to her car to try and get home before her dad and Greenlee get mad that she is late. That is all she needs right now. Suddenly she bumps into someone and starts to fall. "Why don't you look where you're…." As Emma looks up, she sees a really hot guy helping her stand. When she finally is up, she notices that he is tall and toned. His complexion is creamy mocha, and he has light brown curly hair and the most beautiful blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I ran into you," he says. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for helping me up. Truthfully, I think I ran into you. My name is Emma. What's yours?"

The handsome young stranger says, "My name is Max. Nice to meet you, Emma."

Scene 4:

Scott walks in to his parents' cottage. He is meeting Madison with their twins Charlotte and Cindy. Marian and Stuart invited them to have dinner with them. Scott thinks to himself how lucky he is. Having Stuart and Marian, being married to Madison, two beautiful twin girls, and a great job to boot. He is debating when is the best time to talk to Madison about his idea at the station, WRCW, where he is manager.

"Hey, Dad," Scott says when he walks in and sees Stuart playing with Charlotte.

"Scott, you made it. I was scared you would get stuck at the station and wouldn't make dinner," Stuart says.

"No need to worry, Dad. I wouldn't miss a family dinner. Where are Madison, Marian, and Cindy?"

"They are giving Cindy a quick bath. We took the girls to the playground, and they got a bit dirty. That's okay, because they had fun doing it, and we all had fun watching them."

Finally the girls come out and Marian is holding Cindy in her arms. Madison sees her husband and smiles while she walks over to give him a kiss and big hug. "Tough day at work?" she asks.

"Work was work, but let's not talk about that right now. I want to hear all about your playground adventure." He has Marian pass Cindy over to him and gives her a quick tickle and a kiss.

"Well, I'm going to start making dinner," says Marian. "Stuart, could you give me a hand?"

Stuart and Marian head off to the kitchen. Madison sits down on the sofa and puts Charlotte on her lap. "You did a great job hiding whatever happened at the studio today from your dad and Marian, but you can't get past me on that. What happened?"

Our afternoon host on "The Chat" is not renewing her contract. The show is getting pretty good numbers, and I would hate to pull it from the schedule, but I need a new host." Scott decides that he is just going to go for it. "Madison, would you consider hosting the show?"

Next Episode

I want to thank all of my loyal readers for viewing the first 50 episodes. It warms my heart when I see how many people are reading my fan fiction. To any new readers, please go back to start with the first episode, and I hope you will continue reading my stories. I have a lot of exciting ones coming up over the next few months and look forward to any comments you have on the stories I have written. If you like my AMC Fan Fiction, please pass the site along to your friends.

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Patti G

Page updated 9/6/14

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