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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #49
By Patti G

Scene 1:

After a seemingly long wait Adam, returns informing the group that the transfer of funds has been made. They decide that when and/if Ellie receives the location of the antidote, Adam and David will be the ones to go get it. Jake and Griffin will stay here with the women, in case they need medical assistance; and Tad and Reggie will head over to the Pine Cone Motel and grab Ellie's father. All of them suddenly turn their heads and see Cara walking in. Ellie is the first to speak.

"I thought your were sick. They told me the symptoms had already started and that you and the baby were in jeopardy."

"I'm sorry, Ellie. We needed an ace in the hole, so to speak, to nudge you into revealing the plan in case you put up some resistance," Tad tells her.

"I told you I did not know that Dr. Hayward was pregnant. I never would hurt an innocent child."

"We believe you," Brooke tells her, "but we had no choice. Everything depended on you cooperating."

Suddenly Ellie's cell phone chimes. She looks at it and opens the text message. As she takes off her necklace and gives David the key, she says, "Go to the Pine Valley Train Center and it is locker #72. The antidote will be there with directions on dosage.

Scene 2:

Emma's head is spinning trying to process all the information she has discovered. Now she must figure out the best way to use this information to her advantage.

There is a knock on her bedroom door, and she hears her dad asking to come in. "Sure, Dad, just wait one sec, so I can throw a shirt on." In reality Emma is grabbing all the papers with the new info off her bed and tucks them away. She also remembers to turn her laptop off. She will later delete her search history as well.

"Okay, you can come in, Dad."

Ryan sits down on his daughter's bed and says, "I know you are aware your mother might be released from Oak Haven soon. I want to talk to you about that, all right?"

"Sure, Dad, I know you're not happy that she will be out."

"Emma, I don't hate your mother. In fact, I wish her well after she is released. I realize she has made over the past five years a lot of progress in dealing with her psychological issues. My hope is that with her new mindset and the therapeutic medicine, she will make a real go of it and have a good life. In fact, I've made some arrangements for her as to settling in back here. I still need to finalize your visiting arrangements with her doctor and the courts, but I'm sure we can work something out."

"Dad, thank you so much for cooperating on this. I know that you and Greenlee have made sure I had a firm foundation at home as well as allowing me to visit with my mom. I do realize, whether you know it or not, that she did do many horrible things when she was sick, but she is still my mom and I love her."

"I understand completely, Emma. There is one thing, though, you could do for me to help."

"Anything, Dad. What do you need me to do?"

"Please, don't say anything to anyone about your Mom being released especially to Greenlee. I have to find the right time to approach her on this. Can you do that for me?"

"I will, Dad. No problem. I wouldn't want to freak Greenlee out. I love her so much, like a second mom."

Ryan is pleased their talk went well and that he has bought some time before having to confront Greenlee about Annie.

Scene 3:

The doctor asks Annie to sit down, so she can go over the terms of her release.

"You will be released in two weeks, Annie. There are certain rules, though, that you must follow to the letter. If you break any of these protocols or in that fact any new crimes, you will be remanded back to Oak Haven or prison. Do you understand?"

Annie looks at the doctor and says, "I'll follow the rules totally, Doctor. I just can't wait to get out of here and begin my life over. I also will be able to see Emma more often."

"About seeing Emma, the courts have not signed off on what visiting schedule you will have. They still have to talk to Ryan about this. Also, the court may wait a few weeks before you can visit with her just to see if you are complying with the terms of your release. You will have to see me three times a week and check in with your parole officer once a week. You must take your medication every day and on time. Noncompliance will get you sent back. There will be random drug tests, as well."

"As for your living arrangements, Ryan has generously purchased a one-bedroom condo for you to live in, completely furnished. Ryan will also provide you with a generous allowance to live on until you are able to go back to work and get a job."

"Wow, Doctor. I'm totally amazed that Ryan is stepping up to the plate on this. I realize he is under no obligation to do this. I want to get my life back on track, and I promise that, as soon as I am allowed to work, I will find something and take care of myself."

Scene 4:

A train pulls into the Pine Valley Station. After it stops, as people get off, there is one very interesting young man with a lone suitcase.

Next Episode

To all my loyal readers, thank you so much for taking your time each week to read my AMC fan fiction. Next week's episode marks the 50th. I'm planning on several new stories that will affect almost all the characters in Pine Valley.

As always, if you have any comments, please write to

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

Patti G

Page updated 8/30/14

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