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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode 22
By Patti G

Scene 1:

He could have flown home to Pine Valley. He was looking forward to seeing his family, but he needed to head home slowly after all this time away, and the bus gave him that time. So much happened to his family after all these years. Hell, he is not the same 18-year-old kid that left all those years ago. His dad was disappointed at first that he was choosing The Service instead of college. He knew though that college was not right for him, not then. So he went and enlisted in the Army. He wound up a Major in the Military Police. Over the years, he was all over the world seeing things and doing things he will not ever begin to forget. Now, though, it was time to leave and rejoin civilian life. When he found out his dad's plans, he knew it was a good time to stand beside him. Well, that is only half-true. He had a bigger reason for leaving the military, one he did not want to think about, at least right now. So now Major Reggie Montgomery heads home to Pine Valley. What lies ahead for him he is not sure, but he does know that Pine Valley is never dull.

Scene 2:

Emma and AJ are hanging out at the Chandler Mansion's pool enjoying a beautiful summer day. Emma is thrilled to have AJ all to herself, and she plans on making the most of it, especially with Miranda out of town still.

"So AJ, have you heard from Miranda since she went out West?" Emma asks him.

"Yeah, I have been texting her, and she sounds like she is really enjoying her time out there. She is working for Erica as an assistant while she is there. So she gets to go to meet many cool people and going to all sorts of great parties."

Emma, of course, is jealous, but she will be damned if she lets it show. Her mother Annie didn't raise no fools.

"I think I am going to take a nap," says AJ.

"That is a great idea," says Emma. "Is there room on that chaise for the both of us?"

AJ scoots over and Emma lies next to him. Soon AJ is fast asleep. Emma takes the opportunity to pull her cell phone out and snaps some "suggestive" pics of the two of them and posts them to her Facebook page.

Out in California, while waiting for Erica to finish an interview, Miranda checks her Facebook page and sees how close AJ and Emma have become in her absence.

Scene 3:

Ellie rings the bell at Opal's Boarding House. She already arranged to rent a room there with Opal. The door opens, and Tim is standing there.

"Can I help you?" Tim asks her.

"My name is Ellie Westmore, I am new in Pine Valley, and Opal has agreed to rent me a room here." She tells Tim.

"Yes, Opal said you would be by, and I should show you around. My name is Tim Dillon, and I live here. I am a police officer in Pine Valley."

"Opal mentioned you would be here. I just started working at Pine Valley Hospital. I am a nurse," Ellie tells Tim.

"Well, it sure is nice to have someone new here. Right now, it is just Opal, Griffin, who is a doctor at the hospital, and myself. It's nice to have someone new here, especially a woman," Tim says. "Well, let me show you your room and give you the tour."

"Great, thanks," says Ellie.

Scene 4:

Joe arrives at The Miranda Center and asks the receptionist if Bianca is available.

Bianca comes out to the lobby. "Joe it is great to see you. I am so thrilled you accepted the job as head of our medical department."

"Well, I have to say, Bianca, this is really a blessing for me. As long as I am staying in Pine Valley, I just don't feel comfortable sitting around. Especially with Ruth gone. The kids have been great about keeping me busy. And I enjoy every moment I have with them and the grandkids, but a man has to do something productive each day if he doesn't want to go crazy.

"I completely understand and that is why, along with your medical expertise, I thought you would be perfect to do this," says Bianca.

"Well then, why don't you show me around and let me get started," says Joe.

To be continued…

Next Episode

P.S. I have been watching AMC since 1976 and during that time, I have had the pleasure of sharing that experience with family, friends, and yes even my late husband. Now however, I watch the show alone these past years and enjoy writing my Random Thoughts article as well as this new venture Fan Fiction. I am pleased when I see people have read my posts as it makes me feel connected to all of you out there. Thanks for all your support. I am always happy to hear what you have to say about either one of my posts.


Patti G

Please send any comments to

Page updated 8/26/13

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