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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #48
By Patti G

Scene 1:

"I never wanted anyone to get hurt, especially a baby," Ellie says choking back tears. "His plan was supposed to be so simple. I inject the women with the virus, he contacts you for the money. You pay it and get the antidote."

Tad sits down next to Ellie and asks, "Who is he, your father?"

"Yes," Ellie admits. He loved my mother very much, and while I think she finally forgave and forgot what happened in Pine Valley, he never could let it go. He saw my mom, a brilliant doctor, not getting the jobs at hospitals she deserved and instead had to settle for walk-in or free clinics to practice medicine."

Jake looks at Ellie and says, "There is no shame practicing medicine wherever a doctor is needed."

"I finally saw that for myself after I became a nurse and started working in hospitals and the Free Clinic here in Pine Valley. I feel certain my mother finally saw that too. My father on the other hand always felt his work was overlooked by his peers and that, combined with my mother's history, fueled a rage in him over the years."

"So how do we get the blasted antidote, young lady?" Adam shouts at her. "You may not have noticed, but time is running out for my wife and these other two women."

"The plan was my father would contact you and have you transfer the money to some account he set up. Then when he was assured it was there, he would call me and tell me to give you this key that I wear on this necklace. He would tell me where to tell you to go and the antidote would be there. After that I was supposed to blend back into my job, and he would contact me where and when to meet him."

No sooner has Ellie said this that the doorbell rings. David goes to answer it and he finds a deliveryman holding an envelope. "Are you Dr. Hayward?" he asks. "Yes, I am." David thanks the guy, closes the door, and brings the envelope in to the others.

"Well, open it, damn it!" Adam barks at David.

David opens the envelope and inside as Ellie had told them are instructions as to where to send the money. David hands the paper to Adam and tells him to take care of it. He can use his office.

Scene 2:

Emma cannot believe what she is reading. If these articles are correct, then Zach's brother Michael raped Bianca, Miranda's mom. Emma does some quick calculations, and it doesn't take a Ph.D. to figure out that Miranda was born nine months after Bianca was raped. OMG! How could they have kept this quiet all these years? There is no way Miranda knows about this. Emma does some further investigating and finds an article about her dad returning to Pine Valley shortly after Michael Cambias' death and is the sole heir to the Cambias fortune. Why would he be left the Cambias fortune? She can't believe what went on all those years ago. Rape, baby switching, and huge inheritances. Now that she knows the truth, what is she going to do with all this information?

Scene 3:

Ryan sees Greenlee is all revved up about something. This may not be the time to tell her about Annie.

"Have you spoken to Kendall lately?"

"I spoke to her awhile back, Why?"

"We just met at Confusion for drinks, and she told me she is not coming back to Fusion. She wants to spend time with Zach and the kids."

"Kendall not going back to work? I can see why she would want some time for her and the family. What did you say when she told you?"

"I said I knew she would want not to rush back to work, but I couldn't see her staying at home baking cookies and cleaning."

"Greenlee, please tell me you did not say that to her as well as insult all stay-at-home moms."

"Well, I didn't say it like that, but I pointed out that Spike and Ian are at school all day, Zach works, and Amelia will be off to school soon as well. Ryan, please tell me you'll speak to her and get her to change her mind."

"Greenlee, I don't think I should get involved in this. Kendall's decision is between her and her family. Maybe if you just leave it alone, she will decide after a while that she does want to come back."

Scene 4:

Tim punches out for the day, but he is in a foul mood. Jesse telling him he is keeping an eye on him. Why did he have to make calls back to Chicago to begin with? Maybe it was a mistake coming back to Pine Valley. He should have thrown a dart at a map and picked a whole new city to start over in. All he wants to do now is go have a few beers and be left alone.

Scene 5:

Adam comes back in the room and announces, "The money has been transferred."

Everyone seems a bit relieved and looks over at Ellie. A few minutes pass by and her phone rings.

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