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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #47
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Everyone looks at Jake and David. Brooke nods her head back at them that she has filled in Griffin and Ellie.

"How is my sister, David?" Griffin pleads. "I have to see her. Please tell me the baby is okay."

"Griff, Cara is holding her own right now and all the tests we can do here indicate the baby is fine for now."

"Why can't we take her as well as Brooke and Amanda to the hospital? They have many more resources than here. We could call Angie in, as well. She specializes in infectious diseases." Griffin asks.

"You know why we can't do that," Jake tells him.

"That's right. We have to stick to the blackmailers' instructions to the letter, or these women don't stand a chance of getting the antidote," Adam barks.

As all of them are standing around arguing, Ellie slips off to the foyer and pulls out her cell. She quickly dials the number and starts talking.

"I know I'm not supposed to call you, but things have gotten out of control. Cara is showing symptoms already, and it is well before the deadline. Plus, I just found out she is pregnant. I'm not harming an innocent baby."

"I want you to contact them and arrange for the money to be transferred and give them the antidote now!"

As Ellie cuts the call off, Tad and Reggie step into the room. "Hello, Nurse Westmore," Tad says to her.

"What are you doing here?" she asks him. "Who is he?" referring to Reggie.

I am here with Reggie, my partner at my PI firm. Brooke called me in to help them with their problem," Tad tells her.

"It seems like you know more about what is going on than you let on, Ellie," Reggie chides her.

"Why don't we all go inside and discuss your phone call?" Tad grabs her by the elbow and steers her into the other room.

Everyone, I would like you to meet one of your blackmailers, Ellie Westmore, Ally Doyle's daughter," Tad announces.

Scene 2:

Emma can't believe the enormous amount of info on the Kane Women. She skips through stuff on Erica, breezes past Kendall, and zeroes in on Bianca. Well, this is interesting. With one click, Emma is reading all about the delivery of AJ and Miranda during the storm and the helicopter accident that ensued. There was a baby switch up? That certainly is something. Does Miranda know about that? Does AJ? Emma scrolls back in time and sees that Kendall was on trial for murdering Michael Cambias, Zach's brother. She looks at more entries on the page and comes across one that blows her away. She can't believe she never heard about this. Could Miranda not know about this? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Scene 3:

Greenlee arrives home at the penthouse all set to tell Ryan about her meeting with Kendall who has decided to leave Fusion. Maybe he can talk some sense into her. Ryan heads down the stairs in his robe after taking a shower. "Boy, he looks so good," Greenlee thinks to herself. "No, girl, get your mind on business, Greenlee." Ryan sees Greenlee and heads downstairs. How is he going to be able to tell her about Annie? If he says nothing and Emma opens her mouth then the you know what is going to hit the fan.

Scene 4:

Jesse hears the knock on his office door and tells the visitor to come in. Tim enters and sits down across from Jesse.

"You wanted to see me?" Tim asks.

"I think you and I need to have a talk. I've been hearing some things about you from past associates and partners, and it has me quite honestly troubled, Tim."

"What exactly did you hear?"

"You seem to have a very quick temper, Tim, and it's got you in some trouble back in Chicago. I haven't really seen anything here, except for that one incident in the park."

"I understand your concern, sir, but I have this under control. When I was in Chicago, I had some personal problems that bled into my professional work. I have been trying very hard in my time here to see that doesn't happen."

"Okay, Tim, for now I'm going to put this on the back burner. I have to warn you that any incidents like those in Chicago, and you're going to have some trouble with me. Understand?"

Scene 5:

Ellie looks around the room and sees everyone waiting for her to say or do something. She is not sure which or what. Tad looks at Ellie and tells her this is her one chance to make things right. If not, she is looking at a long prison sentence.

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