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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #46
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Griffin and Ellie knock on the front door and are both are surprised when Brooke opens it. "Griffin, I am so relieved you are here. You're Ellie, right? You're a nurse at PVH."

"Yes, I am Mrs. Chandler."

"Please, call me Brooke."

Ellie and I were going out for dinner when Cara called and asked me to come by. She didn't mention anything about you being here. What's going on? Where is my sister?"

"Griffin, I will explain everything. I promise. Just come inside and sit down. There is a lot to tell you and not much time," Brooke urges him.

Ellie says to Griffin, "If this is a family situation, I will understand if you'd rather I leave."

"No, that won't be necessary Ellie," Griffin tells her.

All three of them walk into the living room where they see Adam and Amanda. Griffin acknowledges them and makes introductions regarding Ellie.

"Brooke, where is my sister? Is something wrong? Is the baby okay?"

Brooke steers Ellie and Griffin to a sofa. "I have a lot to explain to you. Cara is sick, and David and Jake are trying to treat her."

"Why aren't they going to PVH?" Ellie asks and Griff agrees.

"That is what I have to explain to you."

Scene 2:

Ryan is reeling about Emma's news regarding Annie. He has to stop this from happening. He decides it is best to call Oak Haven and speak to Annie's doctor directly. When he finally gets Dr. Peterson on the phone, he goes off on the doctor.

"How could you possibly be considering letting Annie out of Oak Haven? Don't you understand the destruction she caused me and my family?"

Dr. Peterson tells Ryan, "Mr. Lavery, please calm down. First of all it was not my idea to consider your ex-wife's release. I simply was told to make my recommendation. As far as her condition goes, I do feel that if she continues to comply with her meds and keep up with her mandatory counseling besides the other restrictions the court will impose on her, it would appear she is ready. After all, Mr. Lavery, it has been 5 years that she's been away, and she has made huge progress on her mental health. I'm sorry that Annie mentioned this to your daughter. That was inappropriate, and I will speak to her about that."

Scene 3:

Emma decides to do a little research on the Kane Family. She picks up her laptop and performs a search. More information than she could imagine appears. She scrolls through most of what is on her grandmother, Erica, and looks specifically for info on her mother, Bianca, and Miranda directly. First nothing of interest for her needs, but finally she comes across articles going back to Miranda's birth year, and what she finds is amazing.

Scene 4:

Jesse does not like what he has found out about Detective Dillon. While he was never formally written up on anything, he has got a reputation from his former colleagues regarding incidents that could be taken as inappropriate. Now Jesse has to decide what to do with him. So far with just that one incident in the park, he has been a good cop, making some important arrests and involved with investigations with other detectives.

Scene 5:

After Brooke finishes filling in Griffin and Ellie, Jake and David walk into the room. They don't look like they have good news.

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