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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #44
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Griffin and Ellie are in the car driving to what she thinks is a dinner at ConFusion. She suddenly realizes that they are not heading there.

"Griffin, I thought we were going to ConFusion," Ellie says.

"We are, Ellie; but I have to make a stop at Wildwind to see my sister. It won't take long, I promise. You don't mind?"

"No, not a problem."

Ellie sits there nervously wondering what is going to happen when they get there. Do they know about her involvement? Is she just being paranoid or is Griffin setting her up?

Scene 2:

Emma decides to go by Krystal's for a late lunch, plus she hopes to run into AJ working his shift. That might be the perfect time for him to ask her to be his date. If he doesn't, Emma has a few tricks to prod him into popping the question. She pictures herself in the beautiful gown she bought, dancing with AJ in his super sexy tuxedo. Her imagination is quickly blown when after walking in the door, she spies AJ, and he is with Miranda! To make worse, they are holding hands and kissing. Emma wants to scream, but she reigns in her temper and approaches their table.

"Hey, Miranda, AJ. Funny running into the two of you," Emma smiles at them.

Always the gentleman, AJ pulls a chair over and invites Emma to join them. "We haven't ordered yet."

"So, Miranda, I love the dress you picked out at The Boutique. Whoever your date is he is going to love seeing you in it."

"Whatever Miranda wears is perfect with me, and you're right Emma, having Miranda as my date and my girlfriend makes me the luckiest guy in town," AJ tells her.

Emma almost chokes as AJ says it. She can't believe what she just heard. AJ and Miranda not just going to the prom together, but they are dating? It can't be happening.

Scene 3:

Krystal knocks on Jackson's office door and walks in. "Hello, Counselor. I thought you might be hungry and decided to bring you lunch."

"Well, I'm a lucky man. Not only a beautiful sexy wife, but she is a mind reader as well. I'm starving. I have not left this office since I walked in this morning. I have been making calls all day trying to get last-minute support from undecided voters and councilmen and women. If you hadn't come, I might have started gnawing my own foot," Jackson laughs.

Krystal starts taking the food out of the bag and setting up lunch for Jack. "So how is the last-minute press going?"

"I've managed to get some undecided players to back me, but it's still not a lock for me to get the votes I need to be elected. I'm sorry I haven't been much help with our family dinner this weekend. I will try and set some time to help you tonight or possibly tomorrow. By the way, Lily called and said she could definitely make it and will stay the weekend."

"Well, that's great news about Lily. I'm so happy. Now everyone will be there. You, Counselor, have to stop worrying about the party and focus on your campaign."

Scene 4:

Kendall walks into ConFusion and immediately spots Greenlee sitting at the bar. "Hey, stranger. I'm glad you were able to get away to meet me. Why don't we get a table as I could use something to eat."

Greenlee picks up her drink and the two walk over to an empty table. A waitress comes over and both of them order some food and drinks, but Kendall sticks to sparkling water.

"You sounded very serious on the phone. Kendall, is something wrong?"

"Greenlee, you know how much I love Fusion. We made this company a success together and at times separately. I know the time I was in the coma everything fell on your shoulders, and you have not only kept the company afloat, but you've made it even more successful."

"Kendall, I just did what you would want and do if the situation were reversed. I always knew you would come back to us, and I wanted Fusion to be here waiting for you."

"I appreciate what you've done, Greenlee; but I've done a lot of thinking and reflecting on my life the last few weeks. I've talked it over with Zach, and he is behind me 100%."

"Behind you 100% on what, Kendall?

"The thing is, Greenlee, I want to step back from Fusion, at least for awhile, possibly forever. I want to try and make up to my family and myself all the time we lost. I mean, I've missed the first five years of my daughter's life. That is something I can never get back. I don't want to waste anymore time away from Zach and the kids."

Greenlee is just stunned. She expected Kendall to want some time off before coming back to work but walking away from Fusion and their partnership forever?

Scene 5:

Emma storms into the penthouse and slams the door behind her.

Hearing the noise comes into the room, Ryan sees his daughter just going ballistic. "Emma, what's wrong? You almost took the door off the hinges. Did something happen today at your visit with your mother? Because if she upset you, I will have to cut out your visits."

Emma looks at her dad like he has two heads. "Mom has nothing to do with me being angry. In fact if she were here, she would understand exactly how I'm feeling and figure out how to fix it."

"Well, Emma, I'm afraid your mom isn't here and won't be for a long, long time. So you need to accept that and try to confide in me or Greenlee."

"Greenlee! I will never accept her as my mother. And as far as my mother is concerned she might be back in Pine Valley before you know it." With that, Emma races up the stairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Ryan starts thinking. Annie getting out of Oak Haven? That can't be happening. How is Greenlee going to take this news?

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