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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #35
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Bianca walks into The Hayward Institute holding her niece, Amelia, and heads to the information desk to inquire where her sister, Kendall Slater, might be.

"I believe Mrs. Slater is just finishing up physical therapy, and you can probably find her there, Room 214, down the hall on the left." The nurse tells Bianca.

Bianca heads down the hall and looks in the window of the room. She thinks to herself that it is so weird to see her sister up and awake after so many years. Bianca opens the door and walks in. "Well, hello, stranger," she says to her sister.

"Binks, I am so happy you came, and you brought Amelia."

"I think this little one wants her mommy." Bianca passes the baby to Kendall.

"You know if you were that tired and wanted a break, a vacation with Zach would have been easier than lying around in a coma for the last few years," Bianca kids her sister.

"Very funny, Binks," Kendall answers. "Zach has filled me in on what has happened while I was "asleep." I can't believe I have a new little niece. How is Bella? I can't wait to meet her."

"Bella is just wonderful, and you will meet her as soon as you are out of here. Marissa and the kids are all anxious to see you."

Bianca sits down and Kendall decides to dive right in and asks her, "So tell me about my new sister-in-law, Zoey. Don't leave anything out, promise."

"I was naturally very surprised when Zach first told me about Zoey. I also was a bit leery about her showing up here in Pine Valley. I mean another Cambias just suddenly appears. However, after I met her, and we talked I really liked her. I can't say she and I have spent a lot of time together, but she seems very nice, and I believe that she had no idea who her father is and her family's history."

"Zach seems to have become quite close to her from what I can see. He appears to enjoy the big brother position. I can tell it's important to him that I accept Zoey and she and I get along."

"And are you going to play nice and get along with your new in-law, or can we expect some fireworks?" Bianca asks.

"Well, I am supposed to see her later today. Bianca, I know this may be hard to believe coming from me, but I have done a lot of thinking since awakening and I know how much time I have missed with my husband and children. I don't want to waste any more time than I already have. If Zoey is the nice person you and Zach say she is, then I will give her the chance to be in our family and accept and enjoy my new sister-in-law."

Scene 2:

Brooke leaves Cara to look after Amanda and heads over to the men. "So have the three of you decided to play nice and try and figure out this situation and how we will get out of it?"

David asks Brooke "How is Cara holding up?" Brooke says she is hanging in there. I had no idea she was pregnant."

"We just recently found out and decided to hold off telling people," David answers.

"How is Amanda doing?" Jake asks.

"I think Cara and I calmed her down. Besides being scared about the virus, she is worried about coming up with the money. I assured her we will not let that be an issue."

"Thanks, Brooke," says Jake.

"Well, now that we all are up to date, can we please focus on figuring out this blasted situation?" says Adam.

David says, "I think that we should all be together and I am offering to have everyone stay at Wildwind. I have a lab there where Jake and I can do some work trying to figure out what this virus is and any way to stop it. Adam can start getting the money ready. I will arrange with my bank to give him the money and my share for Jake and Amanda."

Jake says, "I hate to say this, but I think for once David is right that we should stay together. I want to thank you for helping Amanda and me out on the ransom. I know that they said we should not go to the police, but what about bringing Tad in on this and seeing what he can find out about this mystery person?"

Adam says, "I will work on the financials and agree to stay together at Wildwind, but I don't want another blasted Martin involved in this. I have plenty of investigators at my disposal to work on this."

Brooke says, "I understand how you feel about Tad, Adam. I think it would be a better idea to keep this problem in "the family." I feel this mystery person is someone from all our past and, with Tad opposed to outside help, he knows all our histories, and we don't have to waste time bringing someone new up to speed or take the chance of them missing a clue that Tad would easily see."

Scene 3:

Madison finishes the show and walks off the set.

Scott is standing there waiting for her. "You were fantastic!" he tells his wife.

"I was very nervous at first, but once I got rolling, I really got into the zone. I'm glad, though, it was just a one time thing."

"Well, maybe and maybe not," says Pam.

"What are you talking about?" Scott asks his producer.

"Well, as much as the fans enjoy Daphne every day, we were getting Tweets a mile a minute through the whole show about how great Madison was."

Scene 4:

Jack stops home for a quick check on Krystal and hopefully to persuade her to come out for lunch with him. He is worried she has not left the house since coming home from the hospital all these weeks. He understands what she must be going through, but he also knows it can't be good to just hole up in the house and avoid life.

He walks in the bedroom and to his surprise Krystal is all dressed up and sitting at her makeup table getting done up.

"Well, this is a nice surprise; my husband coming home for a visit," Krystal says.

I'm glad to see you're made up and looking beautiful as always," Jack tells her.

"Well, aren't you a sweet talker," Krystal answers.

"I thought I would stop home and try and persuade you to join me for lunch at The Yacht Club."

"Well, Counselor, we must both be on the same wavelength. I was just getting ready to come to your office and talk you into going out to lunch."

"Well, then, Mrs. Montgomery, let us take advantage of being on the "same wavelength and have us a great day and wonderful lunch."

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