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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode 7
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Jackson sits back in his seat and stares out the window of the plane seeing nothing but clear blue sky for miles. Three weeks away on vacation with his beautiful wife celebrating their third wedding anniversary was ideal. However, it is time to get back to reality. Both of them have been away from the work and family for far too long. He knows she misses her children, even the ones that are all grown up.

Five years ago, when Erica chose her career over a life with him, he never expected he would have the wonderful life he enjoys today. He certainly never expected to be married to a woman who had become his best friend. Now they enjoy their life together and the blended family they have created.

Suddenly, turbulence wakes her. She looks over at Jack, and he tells her not to worry, that they would be home soon.

Krystal sits back and closes her eyes thinking to herself what a lucky woman she is to be married to a wonderful man like Jack.

Scene 2:

Jesse sits at his desk, trying to catch up on the paperwork he has neglected for way too long. This is one part of his job that he never enjoys. He has finished next month's schedule, approved requisitions, and now it is on to his personal department mail.

The first envelope gets him curious; it is postmarked Chicago. Jesse opens up the envelope and finds it is a request from a chief of police at one of the downtown Chicago precincts. The chief is asking if Jesse might have an opening for one of his seasoned detectives who wishes to move to Pine Valley. He asks Jesse for any consideration he can offer, and wants him to know he stands behind this young man.

Jesse begins to read the detective's file. The last name is Dillon. Could he be related to Amanda? Jesse also seems to remember that Amanda's father was a detective here in Pine Valley for several years. On the surface, he agrees with the Chicago chief that the young man's service record is impressive.

He calls out to the deputy on duty and asks him to find the personnel file on a detective Trevor Dillon and bring it to him right away. Jesse wonders if he should call Amanda and ask her if she knows this man and if so, how? For the time being he decides to wait on talking to Amanda until he looks at Trevor's file.

Truthfully, if this information checks out on this man, he realizes that this might solve a staffing issue he has yet to work out. Could this be the answer? The person he decides to pair with a currently partnerless detective would have to be the right type of person. Jesse knows that matching up new partners is difficult under the best of circumstances, but in this case things have to be handled just right.

Scene 3:

Miranda is at The Boutique both visiting Opal as well as doing some spring shopping. Opal is not fooled by Miranda's matter of fact attitude and knows this girl too well not to see that she has something on her mind.

"Find anything you like?" Opal asks Miranda.

"Nothing yet," Miranda answers.

"Have you spoken to Erica lately?" Opal asks.

"Yes," Miranda says. "She called me the other day and told me all about the new project she is working on. It sounds so exciting out there in Hollywood."

"Well, I am sure you have plenty of exciting things here in Pine Valley too." Opal says.

"Nothing that compares to being out there with her and meeting all the famous people she gets to hang out with," Miranda says. "The truth is I really would like to go out there to stay with her for a while."

"What does your mama have to say about that?" Opal asks.

"I haven't mentioned it to her, probably because she would tell me no." "I was thinking, Opal," says Miranda "that maybe you could talk to my mom about letting me go out there. I know she would listen to you."

"So this is the real reason you came over here to see me today, isn't it?" Opal says.

"Okay, yes. I was hoping that you might try to help me get both of them to agree to let me go out for a long visit. Pine Valley is nice, but the truth is this town is just so small and boring. Nothing exciting is ever going to happen to me living here."

Opal laughs to herself about how much Miranda reminds her of her "gal pal" Erica. "I guess maybe certain things skip a generation," she thinks. Opal reaches out and gives Miranda a hug and tells her she can't make any promises, but she'll see what she can do.

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