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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #34
By Patti G

Scene 1:

There is, for the moment, absolute silence in the room.

Then the realization of what they all just heard sinks in.

"Oh my God," says Amanda. "We have been infected? This can't be true. Jake, tell me this cannot be true."

Jake tries to calm his wife down. "Amanda please try not to worry, we don't even know if this is on the level. Perhaps someone is just bluffing, trying to extort the money."

"Jake, David and Adam may have $5 million dollars to pay this person off, but we don't. I don't want to die!" she yells at her husband.

Brooke comes over to Amanda and tries to reassure her. "Jake is right, we don't know if this is even on the level. Besides, we are all in this together and none of us will let anything happen to you, I promise."

Adam and David look questionably at Brooke. She just stares right back at them to shut up and not panic Amanda.

Cara pulls David aside. "Do you really think they could be telling the truth? If they are, what about the baby?"

David tells Cara, "Brooke is right, we can't assume the worst. Somehow they have to figure out a way to determine if what the blackmailer said is true."

Adam moves over to Brooke and tells her, "While those two argue over what is true or not, I am going to get our part of the money together. Whether you are infected or not, $5 million dollars is nothing to me when it comes to saving your life."

Scene 2:

Zoey walks back towards the room with the boys after getting their drinks. She sees Zach and Kendall in what appears to be an intense conversation.

"Hey guys, why don't we give your mom and Zach a couple of more minutes to themselves," she tells Spike and Ian.

"Why can't we go in to see Mom, Aunt Zoey?" asks Ian.

"Well it looks like they are in the middle of something, Ian. We can just take another lap around the floor, and I am sure by then you can go in and visit."

Zach notices from the corner of his eye that Zoey and the boys have returned and almost immediately start to walk off. He is sure Zoey knows what he and Kendall are talking about and glad she steered the boys away for a few more minutes.

"So you're telling me that this girl Zoey showed up in Pine Valley, transferring from her job at your casino out in Vegas, and you figure out that she is your half-sister?" Kendall asks Zach.

"Well, yes. That is how she came to Pine Valley, but it was a bit more involved in how I figured out who she was." Zach explains to Kendall.

"You really believe that she had no idea she was a Cambias? That she was not related to you and just came here trying to get a piece of what she thinks she is owed? Kendall asks Zach.

"Zoey absolutely had no clue who her father was, and she did not and still does not expect anything from being related to the Cambias family. In fact, I have tried to promote her at the casino from a dealer to a better paying position, and she has continually turned me down. She likes what she does and that she pays her own way. I also have to say that while you have been "away," she has been another extra hand to me with the kids."

"Does Bianca know about Zoey?" she asks.

"Yes, when Zoey and I felt the time was right, I sat down first with Bianca and told her about Zoey. Your sister, as if you don't know this, is a remarkable woman. She said that Zoey is not responsible for her father and his crimes. That she welcomes meeting her and will judge her on her own merit. Shortly after that, Bianca and Zoey met, and they seemed to have found some common interests. They both have been a big help to me all this time."

"Very well," says Kendall. Why don't you go get the boys and let me spend some time with them. After that, I want to talk to Zoey privately."

Zach agrees and goes to get the boys. He thinks to himself as he leaves the room I'm glad this discussion is taking place in a hospital.

Scene 3:

Scott asks Pam, "What kind of emergency do we have?"

"I just got a call from Daphne. She is ill and cannot make it in to tape today's show. I would just run a old episode, but we have two guests for the show today that have come in from out of town."

"Well, then you're right. We definitely have a problem. The guests are the author of that new best-selling diet book and that chef she co-wrote the book with, right?" Scott asks Pam.

"Yes, and neither of them can be postponed as they are on a very tight publicity schedule," Pam tells Scott.

Madison is listening to the conversation and pipes in that she has just finished the book, and it is a great diet program, just especially in time for swimsuit season.

"Scott, what if Madison were to do the show today?" asks Pam. She just said she read the book, and your wife is very camera ready. Besides it is only for this episode."

"Oh, no way," says Madison. "I can't possibly just host a live television show with no experience."

"No, Pam is right. You have read the book, you love cooking, and you are photogenic and self-assured. You could definitely do this. Madison, it would really save the day if you could just step up for this one show," Scott pleads.

"Okay, I'll do it. However, it is just the one time; and Pam, you better be right there for me the whole time. The last thing I want to do is embarrass myself in front of the whole town."

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