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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode 5
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Angie and Jesse arrive at the Seasons East Casino where they are having the Charity Ball. Jesse's phone rings and he tells Angie he has to take the call, police business. He promises her after this call, he will put his phone on silent and not let work interfere with the night's festivities.

Angie walks into the main ballroom. She looks around watching as the staff puts the finishing touches on the room. The place looks beautiful. She must tell Zach how much she appreciates him donating his casino and services for tonight's event. She also must thank Dixie and Opal for the work they did coordinating all the details for tonight. Angie looks up to the front of the room at the portrait of Ruth that Stuart painted. She always knew Stuart was a talented artist, but his portrait of Ruth is just outstanding. He not only captured her beauty in the painting but her spirit as well. It is almost like she is with them right now.

Angie thinks about her friend and how much she misses her. Ruth was always one of her biggest supporters, encouraging her when she was going to medical school, and later consoling her after Jesse's death. It is hard to believe such a wonderful vital woman is now gone. She knows how much Joe and his family miss her and hopes that tonight will bring some comfort to them, and that the dedication of the new Ruth Martin Wing at the hospital will be an honor to her memory of service and dedication to the hospital.

Scene 2:

Jesse returns and joins Angie at the entrance to the ballroom. "Sorry, honey" Jesse says. "I put my phone on silent and the station knows only to contact me in case of an emergency." Jesse knows how important this night is to Angie. Angie looks back at the room and how elegant everything looks. Suddenly Zach comes through the door.

"Hey," says Zach to Angie. "You both just arrive?"

Angie tells Zach "Yes," they just arrived and she thanks him for his contribution to the night's festivities.

Zach tells Angie that he was more than happy to help out. Ruth was a good woman and did so much for Pine Valley Hospital. She was very supportive to their family when they had health issues. This fundraiser and new wing in her name is a terrific way to honor her memory.

Jesse looks over and sees Joe, Palmer and Opal's son Peter walks in. He is surprised to see Opal with Joe, but then reminds himself how close Opal is with the Martins.

Angie greets them and tells Joe how much she is looking forward to tonight and honoring Ruth. Joe tells Angie that this evening and everyone that is attending means so much to their family. Angie compliments Opal both on how gorgeous she looks tonight but also how elegantly the room is decorated for the event. She appreciates all the hard work Opal put into tonight. Opal tells Angie that working on this event was a labor of love. She tells Angie that if she had to pick another woman to be a momma to her son Tad, she couldn't ask for anyone better than her Ruthie.

Angie looks at Peter and tells him she can't believe what a handsome young man he has become. Secretly she wonders whether he takes after his father, Palmer, or his half brother, Tad.

Adam and Brooke walk in next and greet the group. Brooke tells Joe that she has written a piece about Ruth and her long career as a dedicated nurse for the next issue of Tempo. She says that people should know how dedicated she was to her patients and hopefully inspire some young people to choose a career in nursing.

Joe tells Brooke he appreciates her doing the story and also for Adam and her coming tonight.

Adam pulls Angie and Joe aside and presents them with an envelope explaining it is a donation from the Chandler family to go towards the new Ruth Martin Wing.

Both Angie and Joe thank Adam for his generosity.

Bianca and Marissa arrive both looking beautiful and in love. The last five years together have been wonderful. Bianca has her work at the Miranda Center and Marissa has become a partner in Liza's law firm. They have managed even without JR's approval to blend their mixed family as well as the addition of the new baby Marissa had a year ago.

Angie welcomes them both, and Bianca gives her two envelopes. She tells Angie that one is from Marissa and her, and one is from Erica. Bianca goes on to say that Erica is terribly sorry she could not be there tonight but wanted Angie and Joe to know her thoughts are with them. While she misses her family and friends in Pine Valley, her Hollywood projects just wouldn't allow her to be there tonight. Five years ago, her decision to choose her movie over Jack had major ramifications for a lot of people.

It has been a hard five years for JR. He tries not to feel sorry for himself, as he knows only he is responsible for the choices he made, especially that night long ago. If only he had not been drinking, he never would have fired that gun. He was just so angry with Dixie, at Marissa, even at Babe for dying. He still asks himself why David was able to bring back Stuart and Dixie and not their beloved Babe?

Dixie and Tad stroll in and hug both Angie and Joe. Angie thanks Tad for hosting the evening's festivities. Tad tells Angie he hopes he doesn't let them down. Joe tells his son that his mom (Ruth) and he were always proud of him, and they will be proud of him tonight.

Griffin is next to arrive. He has come tonight by himself, but with his looks and charm, it is certain he won't leave alone.

Stuart and Marian are next to arrive and greet everyone. Angie is the first to tell Stuart that the portrait of Ruth is probably the best painting he has ever done. Joe chimes in and agrees with Angie. Stuart tells them both it was effortless to paint her as Ruth's spirit just guided his hand and brought her life to the canvas.

Marian can not believe that after all this time she has her "King of Hearts" back. When Stuart died that night, she felt her life was over. When she tried to kill Kendall and was sent to Oak Haven, she thought that was where she would be for the rest of her life. Now she has both her life and Stuart back, and she doesn't waste a minute enjoying it, darling. She also has a new addition to their family that manages to keep her on her toes.

What a gorgeous couple Amanda and Jake make! After five years of marriage they still act like they are on their honeymoon. How do they manage that with both their careers plus their son Trevor and their adopted baby daughter, Natalie, at home?

Frankie and Randy finally arrive and they both kiss Angie and Jesse hello. Frankie is now a surgeon at Pine Valley Hospital while Randy has remained top model at Fusion. Still with their hectic schedule and with a little help from Angie and Jesse with their daughter, Ellie (named after Jesse's mom), life is always interesting.

Scott still can't believe Madison finally agreed to marry him. Things had been difficult between them for a while, and Madison still had a lot of trust issues regarding men. Who could blame her after growing up with a man like her father and then marrying someone like her late husband? Things turned out okay though, especially after Scott's dad Stuart came back to them. Stuart just adores Madison. and when she saw first-hand how loving Stuart was to his family, she finally was able to believe in Scott and to marry him. Now Scott continues to work for Chandler, although not with JR, and Madison works part-time at Fusion and spends as much time as possible with her twin girls, Cindy and Charlotte.

Liza arrives alone, but she no longer cares about going to places solo. In fact, she has actually learned to enjoy being a single woman. Free to come and go as she pleases. She has a successful law practice, her daughter Colby is working in New York City for a fashion house, and she and her mother Marian have a close relationship again. She even likes having her stepbrother, Scott and a sister-in-law like Madison around.

David and Cara arrive looking like the power couple they are in this town. Angie warmly greets them both. Joe gives David a little latitude of respect after years of all-out animosity between them. David pulls out an envelope and passes it to Joe telling him that when Babe died, building the new wing in the hospital in her name helped ease his pain a little. He hopes the same thing happens for Joe. David tells Angie and Joe that he took it upon himself to extend an invitation to his newest investor, Theodore Barnett. In fact, he should be arriving shortly.

Zach returns to speak to Angie about some details regarding the party. Angie still finds it so hard to see Zach here by himself. She always wishes that there were more she could have done to help Kendall. She knows how much Zach and the boys miss her every day. Perhaps someday David's work at the Institute will be able to bring Kendall back to her family.

Ryan and Greenlee are the final guests to arrive that night. Ryan has worked things out with Zach such that Ryan runs Cambias and Zach has retained the ownership of his two casinos. While it has not been easy without Kendall, Greenlee has kept Fusion not only running but also continuing to be one of the leading cosmetic firms in the world. Between their jobs and raising Emma and Spike their life appears to be perfect.

Finally Barnett makes his entrance to the ballroom filled with all of Pine Valley's crème de la crème of society. All the movers and shakers. There is quite a group of people here tonight, he thinks. Many with long histories, some good and some bad. If he decides to stay on in this town, he wonders exactly who will wind up being an ally and who will become a foe.

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