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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #33
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Kendall looks out the window of the Visitor's Room and sees Zach take Amelia from a young woman. Zach appears to tell her something, and she nods her head in agreement then walks away.

Suddenly, the door to the room bursts opens and in run Spike and Ian. Kendall still cannot believe how big they are. Her little babies are now big boys. Zach follows behind them holding Amelia. When he reaches Kendall, he bends over to give her a kiss and passes her the baby. Kendall marvels at her beauty. She is somewhat upset that she has missed so much of her little girl's life and vows to herself she will not miss any more time with her family.

Spike says, "Mom, when will you be coming home?"

Kendall responds, "As soon as Dr. David gives me the okay, I will be out that door and home for good. How does that sound?"

Ian and Spike go over to give her a big hug.

Zach says to the boys, "Why don't you two go the cafeteria and get some drinks for yourselves and some for Mom and me. Just make sure to go straight there and back, ok? See if Zoey would like anything and take her along with you."

Spike says, "Dad, I am a big kid now, I can handle taking Ian to get the drinks myself. I don't need Zoey to come along."

"Okay, fine. Just be quick there and back. You want to spend time with your mom, right?"

"We will be back in a flash," Ian tells his dad.

After the boys have left the room, Kendall says to Zach, "I guess in my absence you had to replace Rachel as the kids' nanny."

"No, Rachel is still with us. She is as good with the boys as ever and great with the baby. Today is her day off," Zach tells Kendall.

"Then do you want to explain who that girl is and why she is taking care of my children!"

Scene 2:

While the men continue arguing and the women try to figure out the best way to get them out of there, the General Manager of the Yacht Club walks into the room and asks out loud for their attention.

Everybody suddenly gets quiet.

"I have been left instructions by your host to direct your attention to the TV over in the corner and to ask all of you to take a seat and listen to the DVD I was sent to play for you" the manager says.

While none of the group is used to being told what to do, they eventually comply with the instructions. Once they are all seated, the manager turns on the TV, loads the DVD, and leaves the room.

The screen comes alive and a person seen in silhouette begins to speak with an altered electronic voice.

"I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight. I can promise you what I have to say will be of great interest to all of you. Today, each of your wives was infected with a virus. This virus will stay dormant for 72 hours before it will begin to exhibit rather unpleasant symptoms in all of these women. Please do not attempt to identify or treat this virus. I can assure you that your attempts will not only be futile but will only speed up its effects. You each have 72 hours to come up with $5 million dollars which you will get instructions on how to deliver. In return you will receive the antidote to the virus. I hope I have made myself very clear, and that you don't doubt what I have told you. Each of you men have caused me great pain, and I have finally found a way to make you pay. Unfortunately it is your lovely wives that will be the victims if you fail to deliver the money or make any attempt to not follow my instructions. You will be contacted with further instructions in 24 hours. Good evening."

Scene 3:

Reggie sits down across from Tad and asks him, "How's the detective business going these days?"

Tad responds, "I have to admit that there always seems to be someone in need of my services, why?"

"Well I know that you've been working alone the last few years ever since your partner Aidan went to jail," Reggie tells Tad. "I can imagine that at times you find yourself spread a bit thin."

Tad says, "I admit that I have had to pass on some cases as I can't be in two places at the same time. Why are you asking?"

"Well, since I left the military and came home to Pine Valley, I thought that I would stay for awhile. I started to consider my job options based on my skills and decided that your little operation might be the perfect fit for me. That is if you are interested in taking on a partner."

"I have to admit, I could use someone with your military background and street smarts."

"Well, then, Tad, when do I start?

"Come by the office tomorrow morning, and we can talk some more. I might have a case you can work on for me, and we will see how that goes. Bring doughnuts."

"I will see you tomorrow morning. Thanks, Tad."

Scene 4:

Scott has been working as the Station Manager at WRCW now for a few months. While the job is hectic, he has to admit that with his film background and past business experience with Chandler Enterprises, he has enjoyed it so far.

As he sits at his desk, he hears a voice. "Knock, knock," says Madison his wife.

"What a nice surprise," Scott says. "Please tell me I didn't have plans with you that I forgot about."

"Don't worry, honey. You're not in trouble. I was volunteering at the Miranda Center, and after I was done, I decided to come by and see if you could break away for a cup of coffee."

"Well, I think I can do that," he tells her. "Let me just grab my coat, and we can head out for awhile."

As Scott and Madison start to leave, Pam, Scott's producer, who formerly worked for Erica at New Beginnings, sticks her head in the door and tells Scott they have a bit of an emergency.

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