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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode 3
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Ted walks over to the chairs Brooke points to and waits as she sits down before seating himself. He begins to think that this interview might have been a mistake. He knows that Ms. English-Chandler is a legitimate and respected journalist, and he is confident that the background story he created will prove once again to have been worth the money he paid for it. Ted is also well aware that Ms. English-Chandler is a respected journalist and not just the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine like Tempo, because she is married to the owner, Adam Chandler. Over his career, he has made it a point not to give personal interviews He believes (and in this case hopes) that this one time will prove to be worth the risk.

Scene 2:

Angie is going through some boxes she brought down from the attic and looks at each item, remembering where it was from and deciding whether to keep it or throw it out. Jesse walks in and asks Angie where she dug that nasty old box up from?

Angie tells Jesse she was just up in the attic looking for some clothes to donate and came across this box of old mementos and photos. Jesse starts to look at some of the items and comes across a framed photo of two young children.

Jesse asks, "Who are these kids"?

Angie tells Jesse that it is a picture of her and her older brother.

Jesse tells Angie he remembers her briefly telling him about her brother, but that she hardly ever mentions him.

Angie tells Jesse that it has been so long since her brother left home and that he never got back in touch with their family. Sometimes she forgets he even exists. When she does think about him, she wonders if he is well or if he is even still alive.

Without saying anything to Angie, Jesse decides that maybe he will look into finding her brother.

Scene 3:

Barnett walks into the Yacht Club dining room and see his hosts, the Haywards, already seated at a table and heads over to greet them. He has read a lot of background material on Dr. David and is very aware of the man he is considering doing business with. Barnett also looked into his lovely wife, Cara, and has to admit he is surprised that she is married to him.

David notices Barnett first and stands up to shake his hand and introduce his wife Cara. Barnett greets Cara and joins them at the table. The waiter comes over, and they order drinks.

"Well, it is pleasure to finally meet you," David says to Barnett. Cara adds it is her pleasure to meet him as well. Barnett tells the Haywards he has looked forward to this dinner himself.

Barnett tells David that he has read with great interest the work he and the Institute have been doing. He admits that when the story first appeared five years ago about what David had been able to do, he along with most people were completely amazed. To think you were able to bring back from the "dead" Adam Chandler's brother for starters.

David thanks Barnett for his praise and tells him that the work that first got attention five years ago was just the beginning of what he has been able to accomplish in the past five years. He is hoping that with people like Barnett supporting him, the extent of what he can do will be limitless.

Barnett tells David and Cara that he certainly wants to hear more about their work as well as visit the Institute, and hopefully he will be able to come on board with both his personal as well as financial support.

Scene 4:

Opal is putting the finishing touches on the table she has set for herself and her guest. She is as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Opal wants this evening to go well and hopefully cheer up her dear friend.

The doorbell rings and Opal opens the door and welcomes her dear old friend, Dr. Joe. "Come on in, Joe," says Opal.

Joe has not been going out much in the past month since Ruth has passed. Not that people have not been inviting him, but he has had a lot to take care of in the wake of his dear wife's death. Other than spending time with his immediate family, he has just felt like being alone. He did accept Opal's invitation as he does consider her family, being his son Tad's birth mother, plus Joe knows that Opal won't stop asking him until he does agree to have dinner with her.

They both sit down on the sofa, and Opal starts by asking Joe how is he holding up? Joe tells Opal he is doing okay, but it changes from day to day. He tells her since Ruth had not been sick, her death was very unexpected. Opal certainly understands what it is like to lose a spouse. Even though she and Palmer were not married at the time he died, it did not change how much it affected her and how much she misses him.

Opal tells Joe that the Charity Ball Saturday night is a terrific way to celebrate Ruth's life and her contribution to Pine Valley Hospital. Plus all the money raised will go to the new wing at the hospital that will be named after Ruth in her honor.

Joe agrees that it is a very lovely gesture what Angie and everyone is doing, and he appreciates all of their support. Joe hesitates for a minute and then asks Opal, if she does not have a date for the evening, would she consider letting him escort her Saturday night? Opal is just overwhelmed that Joe would want to escort her, and answers that she would be honored to be his "date" for the evening.

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