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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #31
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Krystal stirs a little in her bed. She senses someone; but as hard as she tries, she is so groggy she is not able to fully wake up.

Marissa walks in and sees Jack sitting by her bed holding her hand. She thinks to herself that he looks beat. He has not left her side since the day before when Krystal checked into the hospital for the surgery. "How is she doing?" she gently asks Jack.

Jack turns and sees Marissa. He gets up and they hug. "She is still going in and out," he tells her. She has not been able to stay fully awake after coming to in the recovery room."

"Is that normal?" Marissa asks Jack.

"It is not typical, but Dr. Joe and her surgeon say it is not unusual either. She is still heavily medicated, so that could be the reason."

Just then Joe and Krystal's surgeon, Dr. Wilson, enters the room. "We just wanted to come by and check on Krystal," Dr. Wilson tells Jack.

Jack sits back down at Krystal's side and gently holds her hand again. "She still is going in and out of consciousness," Jack tells them. "When will she fully wake up?"

"Why don't you and Marissa step out and get some fresh air and maybe something to eat," Joe tells them. "We would like to examine Krystal and review her chart. Once we do that, we can talk some more, okay?" says Dr. Wilson.

Although Jack is reluctant to leave, he knows that the doctors need to do their job, and he tells them that he won't be far.

Scene 2:

Kendall is busy fussing with her makeup and trying to look her best before Zach arrives with the children. Dr. Dave said she was making good progress on her awakening from the coma, but she still had a ways to go before he would let her go home. She had spoken to her mom on the phone already, and Erica promised she would be there to visit her as soon as she could and when David gave the okay. She also was anxious to see Bianca and Greenlee, but David said she had to take things slowly. She told David "Kane women don't do slow."

Suddenly Kendall hears voices out in the corridor and in walks Zach with two young boys she can barely recognize. Zach is also holding a beautiful baby girl with dark curly hair.

"Hello, beautiful," Zach says. "I think you remember these two guys." Spike and Ian look at their mother cautiously. "I can't believe how big you guys have got," Kendall says to them. "Come up on this bed and give your mom a hug and kiss." The boys look to Zach at first, and he nods his head okay. They both jump up and squeeze their mom as tight as they can.

"We aren't going to hurt you?" Spike asks.

"Absolutely not," Kendall tells them both.

"We came every week to visit you, Mommy," Ian tells her. "We kept asking you to wake up so we could talk to you, and you could meet little Amelia."

That is Zach's cue to bring their beautiful daughter to meet her mom for the first time. He gently places Amelia in Kendall's arms. Amelia looks back at her daddy, and he nods at her that it is okay, this is her mommy. She woke up just like her storybook of Sleeping Beauty that he reads to her all the time.

Amelia smiles at her mommy, and Kendall just gazes at her daughter. She has a daughter! "You are so beautiful, my little girl. I promise all of you, Mommy is going to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. I am going to make up for all the time we missed out on. That is my promise to all of you.

Scene 3:

The invitations go out to Adam and Brooke, Jake and Amanda, and the Haywards. They say to be at the Yacht Club tonight at 8 o'clock sharp! They are to be the Guests of Honor at a special event. So far all the plans are going according to schedule.

Scene 4:

"Kayla, I need you to take care of all the items on this to-do list," Greenlee tells her. "You came to Fusion at the perfect time. Now that my partner and best friend Kendall has come out of her coma, I am going to want to spend plenty of time with her. We have a lot to catch up on. I also know she will want to get right back to work."

"Don't worry about anything, Greenlee," Kayla assures her. "I'll take care of everything on this list; and if you need anything else, just let me know. It's a miracle your friend woke up and is reunited with her husband and children."

Greenlee grabs her bag and says goodbye. She is going to meet Ryan, and they're heading over to see Kendall.

Kayla sits down at her desk and begins to review the work she needs to do. She often worked for her dad and is confident she will make Greenlee glad she hired her as her assistant.

"Excuse me, Miss," says Reggie as he walks into the Fusion office. "I'm looking for Greenlee," he says to Kayla.

"Ms. Smythe is not in at the moment, she tells Reggie. If you give me your name, I can tell her you stopped by."

"That's okay. I'll just catch her later at our dad's house. I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Greenlee's brother Reggie Montgomery. I'm sure you see the family resemblance."

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