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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #61
By Patti G

Scene 1

Krystal and Jack sit patiently by Reggie's bedside. It has been two days since he was shot and still he has not come around.

Krystal says, "Jack you should go and take care of election matters. I will stay here; and if anything happens, I'll call you immediately."

Jack says, "I just don't feel right leaving, Krystal. With what's happened to Reggie, the election just doesn't seem all that important now."

Krystal tells Jack, "Honey it's because of what happened to Reggie that you need to go forward with the election. You have stood strongly on your platform of gun control and this is exactly why. No parent or family should ever have to go through something like this."

"All right. I'll go over to the election headquarters and catch up with what's been going on. Scott has been patiently waiting for me to give an interview, so I guess I could handle that."

"I think that's a good idea," says Krystal. "I also think we should have the whole family together when we do it."

Scene 2

Jesse walks over to the Nurses' Station and asks if they've seen Angie. Before they get a chance to respond, Angie walks up.

"Hey, baby”, says Angie. "What brings you by? Is there any news on Reggie's shooting?"

"No, I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by and speak to Krystal and Jack."

Angie tells Jesse that Reggie is still unconscious but stable.

Jesse asks, "Is that a bad sign?"

"Like I told Krystal and Jack, Reggie went through great trauma and this could just be his body healing itself."

Suddenly Jesse's cell phone rings. "Chief Hubbard, go ahead. Yes, that is great! Don't do anything. I will be right there."

"What is it”? Angie asks Jesse.

"We might have a break in the case. Don't say anything to anyone about this, especially Krystal and Jack as it might turn out to be nothing?"

Scene 3

Scott hangs up the phone and tells Madison that whatever she said to the Montgomerys worked as Jack has agreed to an interview.

Madison asks Scott if Jack had any news about Reggie's condition?

Scott tells Madison that Jack said there is still no change in his condition. Jack has asked that his whole family be in the interview to show the public how a senseless shooting affects so many lives. What I need now is someone to do the interview that they trust and can be sympathetic. He asks if Madison would be interested in doing it.

Madison tells Scott she has no experience as an interviewer. Why not ask someone like Brooke. She is much better suited to this than I am.

Scott tells Madison that Brooke might have more experience, but she is sort of connected to the story via AJ.

Scott says that her not being a hard nose interviewer will gather more sympathy for Reggie and also put the family at ease during the interview.

Madison tells Scott that if Jack and Krystal are agreeable to it, then she will do it.

Scene 4

Tim and Brot are out in the field canvassing the neighborhood for leads. Brot says, "I can't believe something like this could happen so close to home."

Tim gripes that he doesn't understand why they are doing door to door and not some patrol people. Brot says, "I don't know about you, but I am more than happy to help in any way to find the person or persons who shot Reggie. Tim feels somewhat embarrassed at what he said and tells Brot he is right. What Brot does not know is that Tim is trying without being too obvious what is going on every minute of the investigation.

"Well, Brot, we may never know what happened. Could have been a simple robbery gone wrong or maybe something to do with Jack's election."

"Well," says Brot, "I hope we catch who did this. As a fellow soldier, Reggie deserves all we can do to find out what happened."

Tim tells Brot that maybe it was an accident. Maybe the person who shot him didn't mean to and is now too scared to come forward.

Scene 5

As Krystal sits by Reggie's bed, praying for him to come to, she sees Reggie move his fingers slightly. She immediately presses the call button, and Angie is the first to respond. When she asks what happened, Krystal asks her that if it's a good sign.

Before Angie even responds, Reggie very slowly opens his eyes.

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