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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #30
By Patti G
March 5, 2014

Scene 1:

Amanda strode into Pine Valley Hospital without a care. She was on her way to meet her husband, Jake, for a rare lunch outside of the hospital and without their kids. This had been an exceptionally long winter, storm after storm. Her son, Trevor, had more school closings than she remembered having her whole school career. Today, though not exactly spring, it was sunny and mild and gave the hint that spring was close by. Life had been good to her family lately. Jake was working long hours as Chief of Emergency Services, and she was busy with the kids, Fusion, and her part-time work at the Miranda Center. All in all, though, she was happier than she ever thought she could be. In fact, she and Jake were discussing the possibility of adopting another child.

She was waiting for the elevator to arrive and when it opened, it was packed with staff and visitors going or coming from lunch or errands. She managed to squeeze in and saw that the button to her floor was already pushed. She hated packed elevators, always praying they would not get stuck. Her floor came and she politely moved past the other riders when she swore she felt a pin jab her in the arm. It was not that painful, and she looked around to see if someone was holding a sharp object or readjusting a brooch, but she saw nothing unusual and just went on her way.

Scene 2:

Dr. Cara Hayward was in the doctor's staff lounge reviewing patient charts. She was now a couple of months into her pregnancy and for the most part feeling pretty good. Of course, having her husband, David, fawn all over her made things easier. Her mother helping to take care of Leo made life easier as well. Right now, though, she was feeling a bit queasy and thought she should stop and get something to eat before finishing her work. She decided to compromise and for the time being pour herself a cup of tea.

Cara got up to fix a cup of tea and noticed a box of doughnuts someone on staff must have kindly brought in. She saw a few nurses standing by the doughnuts talking and asked them if she could grab one. Of course, they told her, help yourself. They all commented on her pregnancy and ask how she was feeling.

Cara got back to her work with a gooey doughnut and her tea and took a sip. She thought for a split second the tea tasted funny, but then again when you are pregnant a lot of things taste weird. She did not give more thought about it and went back to finish up her work and go to lunch.

Scene 3:

Brooke was working at her desk at Tempo trying to get this month's editorial finished before heading off to a lunch meeting at the Miranda Center. While life had been hectic as of late, she was never so at peace with herself. Adam was behaving and actually seemed to enjoy his semi-retirement. Their "kids" were all busy with their own lives and, for the moment, their family had some peace.

There was a knock on Brooke's door and her assistant came in holding a lovely wrapped box that had just been delivered. Brooke took the box and opened it to find it was her favorite chocolates. The note on the card said "Sweets for the Sweet," and it was signed "Love, Adam." Brooke normally would not indulge right before lunch, but she was a bit hungry, and they did look so good. She picked just one piece and enjoyed. She offered her assistant a piece, but she declined, saying she was really trying to lose some weight for the upcoming summer. 

Scene 4:

Well now, everything was all set and the plan was proceeding just as they planned. By tonight all of the victims and their targets of revenge would know what was in store for them and what their lives would cost.

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