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AMC Fan Fiction

Episode #60
By Patti G

Scene 1:

Jesse follows AJ back out to the living room, but his cell phone rings, and he tells AJ to go ahead and tell everyone he will be right in.

Jesse sees the caller ID is Angie. “Angie, please tell me some good news."

Angie says, “Reggie made it through surgery. His liver was nicked, but Jake was able to repair the damage."

“Well, that's good news, right? Or is there something else I should know?"

“Right now, Reggie's condition is stable; but ,Jesse, he has not regained consciousness yet. Now that isn't by itself disturbing. His system went through extreme trauma. He could come around at any time."

Jesse says, "You mean there is a possibility he won't?"

“Baby, it's too soon to tell. He's young and strong. He got through surgery, so now we just have to wait."

“Well, I appreciate you updating me. How are Jack and Krystal doing?"

“Jake and I just told them and the roomful of friends. Jack and Krystal are in with him now. Have you spoken to AJ?"

“Yes, just got done. He and Lily basically came back to the house looking for Reggie when he hadn't picked up Lily. The house had lights on, and Reggie's car was here, but he wasn't. They went inside and checked around and found nothing. AJ asked Lily to say inside while he looked around outside, but she followed him outside anyway. That is when they heard some noise and AJ followed the sound. That's when they found Reggie."

“Oh, my Jesse, that must have been awful, and especially for Lily. Besides the shooter could have still been there."

“I know. I told AJ he did a great job keeping Lily safe while getting help and staying with Reggie till they got there. Look, I have to go. Please tell Jack to call me when he is done with Reggie. I'm going to let everyone here know what's going on."

Scene 2:

As AJ walks into the living room, everybody stops talking and looks directly at him.

AJ says, “I'm all done for now with Jesse. He had to take a call and will be right in. Where's Lily?"

Greenlee says, “She's still upstairs with Zach. How are you doing?"

AJ says, “I'm all right. I just told Jesse exactly what happened."

Miranda and Emma walk over to AJ and ask if he wants anything to drink or eat. He tells them no, he just needs to get some air. Emma and Miranda suggest they go out the back on the porch.

Once outside, Emma says, “Okay, now that we're away from the adults, you can tell us what really happened."

"I told all of you already what happened. There isn't any big secret I'm keeping. I just want them to finish up here and go home," says AJ.

“Emma, stop hounding AJ," says Miranda. "He's been through enough tonight."

“Well, I just thought he might have kept some juicy piece of info to himself. I'm sorry if I upset you, AJ."

“It's okay, Emma," says AJ. "Would you mind giving me a minute alone with Miranda?"

Emma is not thrilled at all by his request but says instead, “Sure AJ. I'll see you guys inside."

Scene 3:

Krystal and Jack hold hands as they open the door to Reggie's room. A nurse is by his bed fiddling with tubes and monitors. She sees Krystal and Jack come in and tells them she will give them some privacy, but doctor's orders are for them to stay only a few minutes.

They both walk up to the bed and it's Krystal who speaks first. “He looks so peaceful; just like he is sleeping and will wake up any minute asking me what's there to eat."

Jack laughs. “I just can't believe this happened. Why would someone shoot him?"

Scene 4:

Madison runs into Angie in the hallway. Is there any news on Reggie's condition?  Angie tells Madison that she and Jake have told everyone what the status is. She has nothing new to add or can tell her without violating patient rights. Madison understands, but she tells Angie that the press is waiting for any information. Jack and Krystal are going to have to say something, especially with the election so soon. It would be better if they spoke to Scott and WRCW, who will handle the situation respectfully and respect the family's privacy as much as possible.

Angie tells Madison she will talk to them after they're done visiting Reggie.

Scene 5:

Tim realizes as soon as he hears Reggie made it through surgery but is still unconscious that it buys him some time. Would Reggie remember what happened if he regains consciousness? Should he just take off? Turn himself in? He has to make a decision quickly.

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