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Laura A.

picture of Laura D.

 My name is Laura and I'm a new member of the team. I've travelled fairly widely throughout my life; my first experience being when I flew (alone) at the age of fourteen to meet my cousins, for the first time, in New York. I loved it! Though I was surprised to be asked by so many people if I'd seen snow before! I've done all kinds of work from refurbishing a forty-foot yacht during one of the hottest summers we've seen here to being editorial assistant on a regional newspaper.

Eight years ago my (devastatingly good-looking) husband and I decided to leave London, where we had both grown up, and move to the north of England to chance our luck at a new life. Things have worked out well, and we have everything we could hope for.

I have studied the social sciences, the arts and Victorian history, I have a diploma in creative writing from Sheffield University, and I'm just now completing a course in proofreading and copy-editing. In my spare time I like to read, play chess, cook extravaganzas for my friends, go to the pub, or snuggle up on the sofa with my husband and the cats to watch a good horror film (preferably with a plateful of doughnuts).

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